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Dragons are magical creatures that descend from Garsharak, the first dragon, born of Brog's pain, formed into a magical flame (see the Genesis IV, The First Creatures). They are powerful magic users, but are unlike any other creature we have seen on the face of Tibia.

They have a fearsome control over fire, and wreak havoc on anyone that comes across them.

Dragons are fabled to hoard large amounts of gold and treasure.

Mages should use Ice Damage on Dragons, Dragon Lords and their hatchlings. Mages should use Energy Damage on Frost Dragons, Ghastly Dragons and Undead Dragons.

See also Dragon NPCs.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Dragon Dragon 700 1000 -- -- 0-105 gp, 0-3 Dragon Ham, Steel Shield, Crossbow, Dragon's Tail, 0-10 Burst Arrow, Longsword (semi-rare), Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Broadsword (semi-rare), Plate Legs (rare), Green Dragon Leather (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Green Dragon Scale (rare), Double Axe (rare), Dragon Hammer (rare), Serpent Sword (very rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Dragon Shield (very rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Dragonbone Staff (extremely rare).
Dragon Hatchling Dragon Hatchling 185 380 -- -- 0-55 gp, Dragon Ham, Dragon's Tail (semi-rare), Health Potion (very rare).
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord 2100 1900 -- -- 0-245 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Green Mushroom, Gemmed Book, 0-3 Royal Spears, 0-7 Power Bolts, Energy Ring, Small Sapphire, Golden Mug (semi-rare), Red Dragon Scale (rare), Red Dragon Leather (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Strange Helmet (very rare), Fire Sword (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Tower Shield (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Dragon Lord Trophy (extremely rare), Dragon Slayer (extremely rare).
Dragon Lord Hatchling Dragon Lord Hatchling 645 750 -- -- 0-165 gp, Dragon Ham, Green Mushroom (rare), Mana Potion (very rare), Magma Boots (extremely rare).
Dragonling Dragonling 2200 2600 -- -- 0-227 gp, Blazing Bone, 0-2 Strong Health Potions, 0-2 Strong Mana Potions.
Draptor Draptor 2400 3000 -- -- 0-212 gp, Draptor Scales, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Dragon Robe (rare).
Frost Dragon Frost Dragon 2100 1800 -- -- 0-242 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Green Mushroom, Gemmed Book, 0-6 Power Bolts, Small Sapphire, Energy Ring (semi-rare), Ice Cube (semi-rare), Golden Mug (semi-rare), Shard (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Strange Helmet (very rare), Ice Rapier (very rare), Tower Shield (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (extremely rare).
Frost Dragon Hatchling Frost Dragon Hatchling 745 800 -- -- 0-55 gp, Dragon Ham, Frosty Heart (semi-rare), Health Potion (rare), Spellbook of Enlightenment (very rare).
Ghastly Dragon Ghastly Dragon 4600 7800 - - 0-266 gp, Plate Legs, 0-5 Small Emeralds, Dark Armor, 0-2 Great Mana Potions, 0-2 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Great Spirit Potions, Ultimate Health Potion, Undead Heart, Zaoan Halberd, Twin Hooks, Soul Orb, Rusty Armor (Rare), Terra Boots, Demonic Essence, Ghastly Dragon Head, Terra Legs (semi-rare), Drakinata (rare), Zaoan Legs (rare), Zaoan Shoes (rare), Zaoan Armor (rare), Shiny Stone (rare), Jade Hat (rare), Spellweaver's Robe (rare), Guardian Boots (very rare), Zaoan Helmet (very rare), Zaoan Sword (very rare).
Silencer Silencer 5100 5400 -- -- 0-100 gp, 0-8 Platinum Coins, Silencer Claws, 0-10 Assassin Stars, Silencer Resonating Chamber, Dark Shield (semi-rare), Glorious Axe (semi-rare), Titan Axe (semi-rare), Haunted Blade (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Terra Legs (rare), Cluster of Solace (rare), Diamond Sceptre (rare), Boots of Haste (rare), Terra Boots (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare)
Undead Dragon Undead Dragon 7200 8350 -- -- 10-198 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Unholy Bone, 0-2 Small Sapphires, 0-5 Assassin Stars, 0-2 Black Pearls, 0-3 Great Mana Potions, 0-3 Great Health Potions, 0-15 Power Bolts, Hardened Bone, Demonic Essence, Golden Mug, Knight Armor, Dragonbone Staff (semi-rare), Life Crystal (rare), Royal Helmet (rare), War Axe (rare), Death Ring (rare), Dragon Slayer (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Spellweaver's Robe (rare), Blue Gem (very rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Divine Plate (very rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare).
Wounded Cave Draptor Wounded Cave Draptor 150 10 -- -- 3 gp (always).

Dragon Bosses

Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Demodras Demodras 6000 4500 -- -- 0-290 gp, 0-10 Platinum Coins, 0-4 Green Mushroom, 0-5 Power Bolt, 0-6 Onyx Arrow, 0-10 Burst Arrows, 0-10 Dragon Ham, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Steel Shield, Steel Helmet, Plate Legs, Small Diamond, Small Sapphire, Fire Sword, Life Crystal, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Shield, Serpent Sword, Wand of Inferno, Mace, Short Sword, Longsword, Broadsword, Double Axe, Crossbow, Golden Mug, Stuffed Dragon, Tower Shield, Gemmed Book, Red Dragon Leather, Red Dragon Scale, Strange Helmet, Energy Ring, Wand of Dragonbreath, Royal Helmet (rare), Dragon Scale Mail (rare), Dragon Claw (always).
Dracola Dracola 11000 16200 -- -- 0-210 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, 0-4 Small Sapphires, Dark Armor, Life Crystal, Great Health Potion, Hardened Bone, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence, Skull Helmet, Reaper's Axe (very rare), Dracola's Eye (always).
Ethershreck Ethershreck 5600 9500 -- -- 0-230 gp, 0-15 Platinum Coins, 0-10 Small Topazes, Demonic Essence, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Undead Heart, Ultimate Health Potion, 0-3 Great Health Potions, 0-3 Great Spirit Potions, 0-3 Great Mana Potions, Ghastly Dragon Head, Zaoan Shoes, Shiny Stone, Drakinata, Zaoan Helmet, Jade Hat, Spellweaver's Robe, Zaoan Halberd, Sai, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Armor, Zaoan Sword (rare?), Golden Can of Oil (very rare?).
Fury of the Emperor Fury of the Emperor ? ? -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Glitterscale Glitterscale 700 1000 -- ? Clicking on the corpse to receive a Flexible Dragon Scale.
Grand Mother Foulscale Grand Mother Foulscale 1400 1850 -- -- 0-71 gp, 0-? Dragon Ham, 5-8 Burst Arrow, Short Sword, Steel Shield, Mace, Longsword, Plate Legs, Steel Helmet, Crossbow, Double Axe, Dragon Hammer, Wand of Inferno, Dragonbone Staff, Dragon Shield, Green Dragon Scale (always), Green Dragon Leather (always).
Hatebreeder Hatebreeder 10000 18000 -- -- 0-262 gp, 0-2 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Great Spirit Potions, 0-5 Ultimate Health Potions, 0-5 Great Health Potions, Demonic Essence, Undead Heart, Ghastly Dragon Head, Zaoan Shoes, Zaoan Legs, Jade Hat, Spellweaver's Robe, Guardian Boots, Zaoan Helmet, Zaoan Armor, Zaoan Halberd, Twin Hooks, Drakinata, Zaoan Sword, Cobra Crown.
Pythius the Rotten (Creature) Pythius the Rotten (Creature) 7000 9000 -- -- Nothing, after killing him you are teleported.
Scorn of the Emperor Scorn of the Emperor ? ? -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Spite of the Emperor Spite of the Emperor ? ? -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Wrath of the Emperor Wrath of the Emperor 600 78000 -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Zanakeph Zanakeph 9900 11500? -- -- 0-81 gps, 0-10 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Small Sapphires, 0-4 Small Emeralds, 0-1 Great Health Potions, 0-2 Great Mana Potions, 0-3 Great Spirit Potions 0-5 Hardened Bones, 0-3 Unholy Bones, 0-1 Demonic Essences, 0-1 Gold Ingots, Golden Mug, Death Ring, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dragonbone Staff, Crown Helmet, Knight Armor, Golden Armor, Skull Helmet, Royal Helmet, Divine Plate, Jade Hat, Maxilla Maximus.

Dragon Arena Bosses

Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Deathbringer Deathbringer 5100 8440 -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Drasilla Drasilla 700 1260 -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.

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