Property Value
General Properties
Name Document of the Officer
Item ID 769
Classification Documents and Papers
Quest Items
Weight 2.00 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 1,000 - 20,000 gp
Sold for (not bought by NPCs)
Bought for (not sold by NPCs)
Other Properties
Version 7.9
December 12, 2006
Status Active
Document of the Officer
You see a document of the officer.
It weighs 2.00 oz.


Upon completion of mission 5 in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest this document can be "used" to obtain the first addon of the Brotherhood of Bones Outfits or the Nightmare Knights Outfits, depending on which faction the player chose. For the price of 1 Small Diamond Lord Protectors and Dread Lords can create this document in the officers quarters inside the Dream Realm.
Looks the same as a Document of the Follower, a Document of the Leader, an Old Parchment (Omrabas), a Parchment (White), and Building Plans for a Ship.

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Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

Players only.