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Djinns are a reclusive race of genies. At one time, they were the most powerful creatures in the Kha'labal, but since the beginning of the great war, they remain in their fortresses in the Kha'zeel west of Ankrahmun.

There are two warring factions of djinns: the Marid and the Efreet. Even to this day, neither is able to overcome the other, so they continue to fortify their troops in their respective strongholds, the Marid inside Ashta'daramai, and the Efreet inside Mal'ouquah.

Djinn NPCs (16 NPCs)

Name   Job Buy/Sell Location
Alesar Alesar Shopkeeper yes Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Asnarus Asnarus Inquisitor Yes Upper Roshamuul, under Depot
Baa'Leal Baa'Leal General no Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Bo'Ques Bo'Ques Cook no Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Fa'Hradin Fa'Hradin General no Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress)
Gabel Gabel Tribe Leader no Top of Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress)
Haroun Haroun Shopkeeper yes Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Jean Pierre Jean Pierre Cook no West of Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Malor Malor Tribe Leader no Top of Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Nah'Bob Nah'Bob Shopkeeper yes Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Ocelus Ocelus Unknown Occupation no Mountain on south-west Meriana
Rata'Mari Rata'Mari Spy no Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress).
Ubaid Ubaid Guard no Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress).
Umar Umar Guard no Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Yaman Yaman Shopkeeper yes Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress).
Zumtah Zumtah Guard no The prison chamber of the Lion's Den.

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