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Distance Fighting is the skill of using Distance Weapons.

The Tibian with the highest Distance skill is Diigoo from Danera with 135.


While any player is capable of using Distance Weapons, Paladins advance in Distance Fighting much faster than any other vocation.

Since the Summer Update 2007 there is no real use of distance weapons for players of vocations other than paladins. For fun, high level Knights, Sorcerers and Druids may however be trying to use for instance Power Bolts because of the level bonus to their damage. It will never be profitable, though.


The first paladin to achieve 100 distance fighting was Precise, of Antica.

The first paladin to achieve 90 distance was Frank Drebbin, of Antica.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The primary benefit of using Distance Fighting, is that you are able to attack creatures from a distance. This greatly reduces the amount of damage that you receive from the creatures you are attacking, unless they also have a strong distance attack.

The greatest drawback to distance fighting, is that you cannot use a shield with your Bow or Crossbow. This means that you will take more damage if a creature is able to reach you. Another drawback is that Distance Fighting is very uneffective if the target is standing right next to you, attacks will miss often and those that do hit will do less damage, but that is only true for low levels of distance skill.

But this is not the case for magical distance attacks, like Wands, Rods, Runes, and Spells.


To determine the max hit of your Paladin you must multiple 8.45 (factor for full attack mode) by your ammunition's attack power and then by your Distance Skill.

For this example we will use Bolts which are 30 and 70 Distance Skill.

So 8.45x30x70/100=177.45, so you can hit monsters with your Paladin for 0-177*(180), of course it will be reduced because of the monster's armor. If you attacked player your maximum hit is only half of that, so 0-90 and your hits will be only reduced by the armor of player. (Shielding doesn't count)


The distance and melee skill damage formula's are for version 8.55. * It can be mistaken for a couple of hitpoints (like 3 or 4 less)


Any fighting skill can be used to hunt almost any creature, but there are some creatures that are easier to kill with distance fighting.

When using Distance Fighting, it is easiest to hunt creatures that move slowly, and do not have any distance attack. It is also better to hunt in wide open areas where you can easily maintain a distance from your target.

You should avoid hunting creatures that use strong distance attacks, creatures that can easily outrun you, and creatures in very small caves where you have no room to run while you attack them.

Equipment that boosts distance fighting

The following items increase your distance fighting while wearing them.

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Amazon Armor Amazon Armor Template:Infobox Item.attributes 45.00
Depth Lorica Depth Lorica Template:Infobox Item.attributes 145.00
Draken Chestplate Draken Chestplate Template:Infobox Item.attributes 59.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Elite Draken Helmet Elite Draken Helmet Template:Infobox Item.attributes 43.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Master Archer's Armor Master Archer's Armor Template:Infobox Item.attributes 69.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Paladin Armor Paladin Armor Template:Infobox Item.attributes 65.00
Prismatic Legs Prismatic Legs Template:Infobox Item.attributes 71.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Yalahari Leg Piece Yalahari Leg Piece Template:Infobox Item.attributes 65.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

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