Diary of Captain Ogden Brewboiler

Day 1:

It is a miracle that we survived this hurricane last night. After several hours of fighting against the elemental forces, the gods decided to bring us here, wherever that may be. We are glad to have solid ground under our feet even though it only seems to be sea ice. Everyone is exhausted so we will start to explore that area not before tomorrow.

Day 5:

What a mess! Every morning, since the day we stranded on this cursed piece of frozen water, one of my crew members disappears or lies dead in his berth terribly battered. Something evil is going on here and I swear to find out what that is... if I stay alive long enough.

Day 7:

Last night, we have been ambushed. About two dozens of small, furry creatures launched a well organised attack against us. The rest of my crew was without the slightest chance. I managed to hide myself here in my cabin without being recognised. I am such a coward, it would have been better if I had died with my crew.

Day 10:

In the last three days, I continued to explore the area around here and made an exciting discovery. To the south, there is a small ice cavern in which one of those beasts is hiding. It behaves quite differently than its fellows. As far as I can judge, this one is not hostile. Maybe it is possible to get in contact with it and gather some information about its species.

Day 13:

I found out that they call themselves “chakoya” and the only thing they really like is fish. Nothing but fish. However, the one in the cave is very picky and doesn't like the 'usual' type of fish. The creature seems to be hunted by its species but I don't know why. I have to be careful. After I left the cave, I saw a few of its fellows which were patrolling the area. I hope they didn't see me.


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