Destiny stayer

A Destiny Stayer (or Island of Destiny Stayer) is a character very similar to a Rookie, but instead of staying on Rookgaard it now stays on the Island of Destiny longer than most other characters.

If a player of level 9 or higher comes from Rookgaard he can't access the hunting caves which are the only non-Protection Zone places. The capacity of level 8 characters who can access the hunting places is 470 oz.


  • Get the best skills possible depending of the vocation chosen.
  • Magic Level enhancing through use of the Light spell.
  • Avoid killing monsters to not gain experience, since level 9 are kicked from the hunting caves.
  • Kill as many players possible.

Things you can do on this island

Things you cannot do on this island

Best Set

The best set one can get on this island is:

Soldier Helmet
Brass Armor
Brass Legs
Leather Boots
Viking Shield
Go Forward Icon

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