Deeplings (or Njey, Creatures of the Deep) are an ancient race of sea creatures. Their largest stronghold is Quirefang, inhabiting the very depths of the world.


Name Exp HP Loot
Deepling Brawler Deepling Brawler 260 380
Deepling Elite Deepling Elite 3000 3200
Deepling Guard Deepling Guard 2100 1900
Deepling Master Librarian Deepling Master Librarian 1900 1700
Deepling Scout Deepling Scout 160 240
Deepling Spellsinger Deepling Spellsinger 1000 850
Deepling Tyrant Deepling Tyrant 4200 4900
Deepling Warrior Deepling Warrior 1500 1600
Deepling Worker Deepling Worker 130 190

Deepling Bosses

Name Exp HP Loot
Groam Groam 180 400
Jaul Jaul 30000 90000
Obujos Obujos 20000 35000
Tanjis Tanjis 15000 30000

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