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The City

See also: A Visit to Darashia
Darashia, commonly referred to as Dara or Dar, is a city based on muslim culture on the northern part of the isle of Darama, here.

Only characters with a Premium Account can go to Darashia, using the boat from Venore, or some other Premium cities of Ankrahmun, Port Hope, Liberty Bay and Yalahar. Another way is using the Magic Carpet from Edron, Svargrond, Farmine or Femor Hills.

The houses in this city are relatively big in comparison with those of other cities. There are buildings with flats on two floors. One of the buildings also has a basement. The biggest building, Darashia Villa with a luxury furnishing, is almost a Guildhall, but rentable by any premium user. Next to this villa, there is an entrance to the Deeper Catacombs.

Surrounding areas


In the west part of the island is located Drefia, which has caves with Skeletons, Ghouls, Bonelords, Ghosts and a single spawn of Grim Reaper. Also there is a large area with Stalker, Demon Skeleton, Vampire and Necromancer spawns. It was once a huge city inhabited by the Brotherhood of Bones' evil worshippers.

Plague Spike

The mountains bordering the desert to the south and west. Filled with poisonous creatures such as Wasps, Scorpions and Wyverns. There is also a few Nomads wandering around. A couple of tunnels lead directly into Drefia.


The desert surrounding Darashia.

Reasons to live in Darashia



  • There are two means of transport to and from Darashia, the Magic Carpet and the Boat. You can access almost any city from Darashia.
Passages from Darashia


Ab'Dendriel Ankrahmun Carlin Darashia Edron Thais Venore Port Hope Liberty Bay Svargrond Kazordoon Yalahar


  • Darashia is the closest city to the blue djinn tower and the second closest to the green djinn tower.
  • Rashid visits Darashia.
  • Most merchants are located in vicinity of each other - in the centre of the city. The bank and magic shopkeeper is located a bit north in the palace.

Location and maps

On the Official map of Darashia is available from

Check the map of Darashia using TibiaWiki's world map for a more detailed view of the area.


Darashia NPCs (22 NPCs)

Name   Job Buy/Sell Location
Asima Asima Magic Shopkeeper yes In the Darashia castle
Azil Azil Armor Shopkeeper yes The central market in Darashia
Dabui Dabui Guard no The entrance to the castle in Darashia
Chemar Chemar Magic Carpet Manager yes Darashia Magic Carpet platform
Edoch Edoch Fletcher yes Darashia marketplace
Guide Behil Guide Behil Guide no Darashia docks, near the boat
Habdel Habdel Weapon Shopkeeper yes In the central market in Darashia
Halif Halif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Darashia marketplace.
Hofech Hofech Furniture Shopkeeper yes Eastern Darashia, beneath Magic Carpet platform
Ishina Ishina Jewelry Shopkeeper yes Darashia marketplace
Kasmir Kasmir Priest no Muhaydin (Darashia Temple), 6 floors above the depot.
Kazzan Kazzan Caliph no Darashia castle, one floor up.
Miraia Miraia Barkeeper yes Southmost structure in Darashia.
Muhad Muhad Tribe Leader no Nomad Cave
Morun Morun Guard no The entrance to the Caliph's chambers in the Darashia castle, one floor up.
Mugluf Mugluf Food Shopkeeper yes Darashia marketplace.
Muzir Muzir Banker no In the north west corner of the Darashia castle
Omur Omur Food Shopkeeper yes Darashia marketplace.
Petros Petros Ship Captain no The docks of Darashia, on his boat
Razan Razan Weaponmaster yes Darashia Palace
Shalmar Shalmar Spell Instructor yes South-west in the Darashia castle

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