(note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft)

Player: Hi
Dalbrect: Be greeted, traveller Player. Welcome to my hut.
Player: Hut or job
Dalbrect: I am merely a humble fisher now that nothing is left of my noble legacy.
Player: Legacy or family
Dalbrect: Once my family was once noble and wealthy, but fate turned against us and threw us into poverty.
Player: Fate or poverty
Dalbrect: When Carlin tried to colonise the region now known as the ghostlands, my ancestors put their fortune in that project.
Player: Project or Ghostlands
Dalbrect: Our family fortune was lost when the colonisation of those cursed lands failed. Now nothing is left of our fame or our fortune. If I only had something as a reminder of those better times. <sigh>
Player: Name
Dalbrect: My name is Dalbrect Windtrouser, of the once proud Windtrouser family.
Player: Carlin
Dalbrect: To think my family used to belong to the local nobility! And now those arrogant women are in charge!
Player: Ship
Dalbrect: My ship is my only pride and joy.
Player: Passage (before you earn his trust)
Dalbrect: I have only sailed to the Isle of the kings once or twice. I dare not anger the monks by bringing travellers there without their permission.
Player: Brooch
Dalbrect: What? You want me to examine a brooch?
Player: Yes (without his family brooch in inventory)
Dalbrect: What are you talking about? I am too poor to be interested in jewelry.
Player: No
Dalbrect: Then stop being a fool. I am poor and I have to work the whole day through!
Player: Yes (with his family brooch in inventory)
Dalbrect: Can it be? I recognise my family's arms! You have found a treasure indeed! I am poor and all I can offer you is my friendship, but ... please ... give that brooch to me?
Player: Yes
Dalbrect: Thank you! I shall consider you my friend from now on! Just let me know if you need something!
Player: Need
Dalbrect: There is little I can offer you but a trip with my boat. Are you looking for a passage to the isle of kings perhaps?
Player: Passage
Dalbrect: Since you are my friend now I will sail you to the isle of the kings for 10 gold. Is that okay for you?
Player: Yes
Dalbrect: Have a nice trip!
Player: Bye
Dalbrect: Good bye, Player. You are welcome.

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