Cyclops Smith

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This creature is in the Humanoids class, Giants subclass.
8.1 (December 11, 2007)
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Cyclops Smith Cyclops Smith
435 Hit points
255 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/695 (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-150), Whirlwind Throw (0-70), star Drunkenness (lasts for about 2 seconds).
Pushable: Cross
Push Objects: Tick
Walks around: FireEnergyPoison
Est. Max. Damage: 220 hp per turn
Immune To: None.
Strong To: Holy (-1%?), Fire (-10%), Energy (-20%)
Neutral To: Physical, Ice, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Death (+5%), Earth (+10%)
Sounds: "Outis emoi g' onoma."; "Whack da humy!"; "Ai humy phary ty kaynon".
Behavior: Cyclops Smiths have strong melee and distance attacks. They also make you drunk quite often. A cyclops smith will never retreat (they fight until death).
Field Notes: The strongest variety of cyclops, they are the artisans and weaponsmiths of their race. They can easily be identified by the distinctive blue mohawk on their heads. Stronger than a Dwarf Guard, however, Cyclops Smith doesn't hit higher hits as often as Dwarf Guards
Location: Cyclopolis second floor and below, Mistrock, Mount Sternum, Cyclops Camp second floor and in the Cyclops version of the Forsaken Mine.
Strategy: Mages: can shoot at it with their wand/rods while running. Kill it fast because it has alot of hp and it can make you drunk and run into other cyclops. A premium mage can shoot at it with Death Strike and Terra Strike.

Paladins: can shoot it with royal spears with distance level 50 or higher while running. A good idea is to come with a paladin level 25+ and with a dwarven ring.

Knights: can kill them with skills 75/75 and at least level 35. Their strength is comparable with orc leaders, and should bring Health Potions in the case of groups as Cyclops Smiths rarely come alone, they are usually spawned by at least one Cyclops Drone or another Cyclops Smith.
0-70 gp, Meat, Cyclops Toe, Battle Shield, Battle Axe, Battle Hammer, Heavy Machete (semi-rare), Plate Shield (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Strong Health Potion (very rare), Dark Helmet (very rare), Spiked Squelcher (very rare), Cyclops Trophy (very rare), Club Ring (extremely rare). (Loot Statistics)

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