The Cyclops Camp is located Southeast of Thais. There is a respawn with a lot of Cyclopes on multiple floors. In the Summer Update 2008, the Cyclops Camp was enlarged and a Cyclops Smith was implemented on the second floor. This place is home to a large number of cyclops. (Please note that there aren't any Cyclops Drone). .

Field Notes

It is a commonly used pk-place on both Hardcore PvP and Open PvP worlds. Take a higher level friend or some friends with nearly same level with you just to be safe. The more people in your party, the more chance you have of killing the pkers or saving your bodies. There is also a Minotaur Camp to the west and a beach where you can swim. The entrance to Fibula is also nearby. If you encounter a PK and you're alone, try to reach the beach and start swimming, as it is a Protection Zone. You're safe there, and you can log out while swimming.

Cyclops Camp surface

Cyclops Camp floor -1

Cyclops Camp floor -2
Cyclops SmithCyclops Smith255435

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