Crystal Necklace

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This item is in the Tools and other Equipment class, Amulets and Necklaces sub-class
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Crystal Necklace Crystal Necklace
Attributes: None
Weight: 4.90 oz.
i Transferable: Yes, unrestricted.
Loot value: 400 gp.
Dropped by:
Amazon, Behemoth, Bretzecutioner, Crystal Spider, Destroyer, Hellgorak, Orshabaal, Priestess.
Buy from: Players only.
Sell to:
NPC City Value
in gp
RashidVaries400After completing The Traveling Trader Quest
Notes: Only used as a decoration amulet, often neglected by most players until Rashid started buying them after Winter Update 2008 and its loot value increased dramatically.

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Can be obtained in the Skull of Ratha Quest.

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