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Property Value
Est. Length
Level 35
(40+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active




Dwarf Mines west of Kazordoon.

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Required Equipment


Crusader Helmet Quest Map 01

  • Immediately head down another hole and then head far to the west.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 02

  • Head to the north and west and continue down another hole.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 03

  • Head east continuing further down in the mine.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 04

  • Go north and through the level 35 gate of expertise.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 05

  • Head down the hole and prepare to face Giant Spiders (there are 4 in the entire place, but they come one by one, and you should only meet 3 on the way to where the crusader helmet is). There are some spider webs blocking the way. Use a melee weapon or a firebug to break it and pass through.
  • The reward (a Crusader Helmet) is located in a skeleton body at the far west end of the tunnel.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 06

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