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  Value Location Notes
Bashira 50 gpAb'Dendriel
Shanar 50 gpAb'Dendriel
Ahmet 50 gpAnkrahmun
Memech 50 gpAnkrahmun
Rowenna 50 gpCarlin
Sarina 50 gpCarlin
Habdel 50 gpDarashia
Halif 50 gpDarashia
Willard 50 gpEdron
Beatrice 50 gpEdron
Esrik 50 gpFarmine
Pompan 50 gpFarmine
Timur 50 gpFibula
Ulrik 50 gpGreenshore
Uzgod 50 gpKazordoon
Nezil 50 gpKazordoon
Bezil 50 gpKazordoon
Red Lilly 50 gpLiberty Bay
Cedrik 50 gpLiberty Bay
H.L. 1 gpOutlaw Camp
Perod 50 gpPort Hope
Brengus 50 gpPort Hope
Robert 50 gpSvargrond
Bertha 50 gpSvargrond
Hardek 50 gpThais
Turvy 50 gpThais
Gamel 50 gpThais
Gorn 50 gpThais
Lubo 50 gpThais
Sam 50 gpThais
Zora 50 gpTyrsung
Baltim 50 gpTyrsung
Romella 50 gpVenore
Shiantis 50 gpVenore
Gree Dee 50 gpYalahar
Morpel 50 gpYalahar

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