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The Corym are a race of humanoid rats. They live in the Carlin Corym Cave, Venore Corym Cave and Tiquanda Corym Cave. See also Glires.

The Corym race is unique in that it was named by the community.

  • CipSoft announced a contest on October 31, 2012, in which players could suggest the name for a new rat race (temporarily called Rat men) that were to be implemented with the December Update. Names could be submitted on the respective thread.
  • The contest results were announced on November 9 and the winning name was Corym, suggested by Bunny Luv.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Corym Charlatan Corym Charlatan 150 250 490 490 0-35 gp, Rat Cheese, Soft Cheese, Cheese, Bola, Earflap, Cheese Cutter, Ratana (rare), Life Preserver (rare), Leather Harness (rare), Cheesy Figurine (very rare), Spike Shield (very rare), Rat God Doll (extremely rare).
Corym Skirmisher Corym Skirmisher 260 450 -- 695 0-45 gp, Cheese, Rat Cheese, Soft Cheese, Cheese Cutter, Earflap, Bola, Life Preserver (semi-rare), Ratana (semi-rare), Cheesy Figurine (rare), Spike Shield (rare), Leather Harness (rare), Rat God Doll (extremely rare).
Corym Vanguard Corym Vanguard 490 700 -- -- 1-120 gp , Cheese, Cheese Cutter, Soft Cheese, Rat Cheese, Earflap, Bola, Ratana, Life Preserver, Spike Shield (semi-rare), Cheesy Figurine (semi-rare), Spiky Club (semi-rare), Leather Harness (rare), Rat God Doll (extremely rare).
Little Corym Charlatan Little Corym Charlatan 40 90 -- ? Nothing.


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