A Character World Transfer enables you to switch Game Worlds for a fee. If you do no longer want to be a part of a certain community, you are now able to leave this community and become part of a new one. There are, however, several restrictions which ensure that character world transfers are only made after due consideration.

General restrictions and transfer requirements:

  • A character can only be transferred once within 6 months with a regular Character World Transfer. An Express Character World Transfer allows you to transfer a character which has already been transferred within the last 6 months. This service may be of interest to you if you recently transferred your character to another world but would like to move it again without having to wait six months.
  • A regular world transfer costs € 24.95, while an express character world transfer costs € 49.95.
    • This amount cannot be paid with premium days.
  • The character must not have a red or black skull, and the account's conduct level must be yellow or lower at the time of the transfer.
  • Before doing a world transfer, the character has to give up its rented house, guild membership and marriage status on its current game world.
  • Everything else belonging to a character will be transferred together with the character.
  • A character may only be transferred to worlds of the same type or to worlds with more limited PvP possibilities: from Optional PvP only to Optional PvP, from Open PvP to Open PvP or Optional PvP, and from Hardcore PvP to all game worlds.
    • Some game worlds might be marked as "closed". In this case, a transfer to this world is not possible at the moment.
    • See also the table below.
  • The character world transfer is available for both premium and free account players. In order to move to a premium game world, however, the account the character is assigned to has to be premium at the time of the transfer.
  • Characters must have a vocation, so characters on Rookgaard cannot be transferred. They have to leave for mainland first.

Transfer Table

How will the character world transfer work

Step 1: Payment

  • Enter the game with the character you want to transfer.
  • Open the Inventory.
  • Open the store in top left of the Inventory.
  • Click on "Extra Services".
  • Buy the "World Transfer" for 750 Tibia Coins or the "Express World Transfer" for 1500 Tibia Coins.

Step 2: Commission the service

  • Login to and press button "My Account" that opens the Account Management page. You find the text:
  "Purchased Service ready to use!
       Character World Transfer:  1 available  [use for a character]"
  • Press the link "use for a character".
  • Select the character that should transfer to another game world.
  • Press button "Continue"

The system instantly checks if your character meets the basic transfer requirements. A text appears describing the conditions for a character world transfer and if the selected character fulfills those conditions. If everything is ok, you may continue.

  • Select your new game world
  • Press button "Continue"
  • Press button "Submit"
  • Press button "Complete"

Now the text: "Service Successfully Completed" and "The service was successfully completed." is displayed and you are done.

Step 3: Prepare your character in-game

  • Go to Travora and talk to NPC Sharon. Step by step she will check if you meet the requirements for the transfer.
  • If everything is alright, you get teleported to a special platform on which you can trigger the world transfer by logging out there. A teleporter flame brings you back to Travora in case you are still uncertain whether to leave right now or later.
  • If you have logged out on the platform and paid for the world transfer, you will be transferred during the next server save.

When the transfer successfully completed you may set foot on the new world. Your character spawns in the temple of your home town upon your next login. Everything you obtained in your previous world has been retained. Now, your character's new life begins.

Captain Breezelda: Hello Player. Where do you want to sail?
Player: sail
Captain Breezelda: Where do you want to go? To Carlin, Venore or Thais? Or to Travora - the island between the worlds?
Player: Travora
Captain Breezelda: Travora is the island for the character world transfer, so if you travel there make sure you actually do want to change worlds. Do you want to purchase a new daily ticket for 1000 gold?
Player: yes
Captain Breezelda: Set the sails!

Player: hi
Sharon: Welcome to Travora, Player! I suppose you're here for the Character World Transfer.
Player: Character World Transfer
Sharon: Character World Transfer means that you will leave this world and move to a new one to live there. If you need detailed information just ask me. I can also check if you're ready and if you are, I can teleport you to the transfer platform.
Player: check
Sharon: You meet all in-game requirements for a Character World Transfer. Have you also paid in the Store and set everything correctly - the character and world you wish to transfer to - in your account on the Tibia website?
Player: yes
Sharon: I can now teleport you to the departure platform. If you log out there AND have paid in the Store AND set the character and world in your account on the website, your character will be transferred to the chosen world on the next server save. ...
Sharon: So, it's time for the big question: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEAVE THIS WORLD?
Player: yes
Sharon: Here you go! Just log out on this platform and you will be transferred to your new world on the next server save. I wish you a new and happy life!

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