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November 24, 2004
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United Kingdom Celesta
Type: Optional PvP
Location: United Kingdom
Server Save: 10:00 CET/CEST
Roshamuul state: Stage 3, slain Gaz'haragoth
Top players listed by Skill area:

LevelMagic LevelFist

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More Information

The name Celesta may possibly come from the word "Celestial", which means "heavenly".

A Celesta is also a music instrument.

Additional Info

  • Orshabaal - Orshabaal has been seen and killed on Celesta ten times.
    • 1st, 28 Feb 2006, blocked by Yoozek.
    • 2nd, 29 Oct 2006, blocked by Yoozek.
    • 3rd, 07 Jan 2007, blocked by Yoozek.
    • 4th, 25 Apr 2007, blocked by Komar Waleczny.
    • 5th, 18 Mar 2009, blocked by Yoozek.
    • 6th, 27 Apr 2009, blocked by Demonmaster Flow.
    • 7th, 14 May 2009, blocked by Demonmaster Flow, Yoozek and Morgahar.
    • 8th, 28 Nov 2013, killed within few seconds since its appearance
    • 9th, 18 May 2014, killed within few seconds since its appearance
    • 10th, 21 Oct 2014, killed within few seconds since its appearance
  • Morgaroth - Morgaroth has made twelve appearances, it was killed the last eight times.
    • 4th, 26 Aug 2008, blocked by Yoozek.
    • 5th, 24 Sept 2008, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi.
    • 6th, 30 Dec 2008, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi.
    • 7th, 30 Sept 2009, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi and Demonmaster Flow.
    • 8th, 23 Feb 2011, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi
    • 9th, 26 Sept 2013, blocked by "nobody" - few players ran around with it
    • 10th, 18 March, 2014, killed within few seconds since its appearance
    • 11th, 07 Sept 2014, killed within few seconds since its appearance
    • 12th, 24 Feb 2015, killed within few seconds since its appearance
  • Ghazbaran - Ghazbaran has made fourteen appearances, first three times it hasn't been killed.
    • 4th, 06 Nov 2008, blocked by Kwapek.
    • 5th, 05 Mar 2009, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi.
    • 6th, 02 Aug 2009, blocked by Azix Tadius.
    • 7th, 12 Sept 2009, blocked by Yoozek and Juvin Nyddishi.
    • 8th, 22 Oct 2009, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi.
    • 9th, 23 Oct 2009, blocked by Shinare.
    • 10th, 15 Nov 2010, blocked by Juvin Nyddishi and Kwapek.
    • 11th, 06 Sept 2013, blocked by Tszemix & Shezix Niel, won by Cauli.
    • 12th, 16 Feb 2014, killed within few seconds since its appearance
    • 13th, 06 Aug 2014, killed within few seconds since its appearance
    • 14th, 15 Jan 2015, killed within few seconds since its appearance
  • Ferumbras - Ferumbras has made six appearances, it was killed the last five times.
  • Celesta was the first world to reach the 'player online' record of 1051 players on May 27th 2009, 20:20:30 CEST.
  • Crisne was the first Rookgaardian to reach level 150.
  • Celesta had the first team of 2 elite knights that cleaned The Pits of Inferno Quest. The cleaners were Demonmaster Flow and Juvin Nyddishi.
  • Celesta was initially blocked from receiving world transferring players, but this block was lifted on Oct 6, 2011.
  • Celesta is the only world where you can see Magic Longsword, it's usually located in Honken's house in Venore.

Players with the highest level

Golden Goblet Dago Arcus level 685, EK
Silver Goblet Olite Shalon level 649, ED
Bronze Goblet Knight expert level 603, EK

Highest level in each vocation

Outfit Mage Male Addon 3 Greg Sam Level 539, MS
Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 3 Dago Arcus Level 685, EK
Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3 Tala the Homeless Level 603, RP
Outfit Druid Female Addon 3 Olite Shalon Level 649, ED

Players with the best skills

Golden Trophy of Excellence Level Dago Arcus 682
Spellbook of Ancient Arcana Magic Phik Sammorien 115
Great Shield Shielding Magician charli 118
The Devileye Distance Sir Vanemu 131
Emerald Sword Sword Golden Darkspirit 122
The Stomper Club Xodxleather 120
Solar Axe Axe Khamar 120
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Fist Master Sheyo 100
Mechanical Fishing Rod Fishing Magic Celesta 98
Gamemaster Achievements Honken 883
Poodle Loyalty Lady Eilonway 4611


  • People on Celesta tend to be greedy so you have to be careful, as sometimes they will do everything to get the spawn earlier or keep their spawn for longer. Some will modify the letter, some will place two names from one team and some will just steal it.
  • The world is quite crowded so expect getting insulted and scammed by other players.
  • While the world is crowded, amount of people that are willing to interact with the rest of community is pretty small. Most of people just stick to their small groups.
  • There's a lot of accbuyers and botters on Celesta that Cipsoft hasn't detected for years. Many of them are already high levels and use power/resources gained by cheating to abuse normal players, often for no reason at all.
  • The world board is pretty dead.
  • The Soft Boots price is actually quite high (~700k).


  • The world is quite crowded, so expect some activity on English Chat.
  • Cheap items and many quest services.
  • Fast spawn
  • There's a lot of different groups of people on Celesta, so it is very likely that you will eventually find the team that fits you.


A list of players that own something considered very rare when it has been seen for the first time. Some items may be common now but that's because updates was released that made monsters drop some of these items, there where changes in game play or new hunting areas were added.











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