Property Value
Type Guildhall
Size 405 sqm
Beds 34
Rent 19500 gp per month
(48 gp per sqm)
City Yalahar
Street Yalahar Main Street
Windows 30
Floors 4
Rooms 24
Version 8.4
December 10, 2008
Status Active


This house has no furnishings.


Right across from the Sunken Quarter in the east side of Inner City.


There are three connected towers that make up this guildhall. There is a mailbox in the entrance. These are the rooms:

  • Ground floor: 9 rooms. 4 rooms with 1 bed each and a hallway (with entrance door) in the north tower. In the south tower we find a room with 6 beds and an entrance hall that also serves as a connection to the west tower. A storage room and room with 4 beds can be found in the west tower.
  • Second floor: 10 rooms. 4 rooms with each 1 bed and a hallway in the north tower. A hallway and 2 rooms with 2 beds each in the south tower. Small walkway that connects the south and west tower. The west tower has a hallway with a door, 1 room with 1 bed and another room with 2 beds. There is also a small storage room.
  • Third floor: 3 rooms. The north tower consists of 1 room with 1 bed and another room with 2 beds. Both rooms are connected to a hallway. There's a walkway that connects the north tower to the west tower. The west tower is 1 big space.

Fourth floor: 2 rooms. Both rooms have 3 beds. There's also an entrance hall.