The Carlin Sewers are quite logically located below the city of Carlin. It's a good place to hunt Bugs, but you can also try out your first Slime here.
If all the killing makes you thirsty, you can go to Karl's bar to spend your freshly earned gold on a mug of expensive Beer and have a chat with your fellow customers Toothless Tim and William.

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Houses The Exterminator Quest. You also need to go here for a mission of the Kissing a Pig Quest.

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NPCs in Carlin Sewers (3 NPCs)
KarlKarlRebelCarlin Sewers.
Toothless TimToothless TimUnknown OccupationCarlin sewers
WilliamWilliamRebelCarlin sewers

Monsters in Carlin Sewers
Poison SpiderPoison Spider2226
  • This creature drops no loot.

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