Caretakers spend most of their time caring for other beings, whether that be offspring or otherwise.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Dragon Mother A Dragon Mother Caretaker Formorgar Mines
Appaloosa Appaloosa Caretaker West of Venore
Artemyth Artemyth Supervisor
The Edron Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by north gate in Castle Flats.
Benevola Benevola Caretaker Between Carlin and Ab'Dendriel.
Burt Burt Supervisor
The Kazordoon Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by north gate in The Market, here.
Chavis Chavis Caretaker Lower Rathleton, near the west gate
Corym Ratter NoNPC Foreman
Corym Mines.
Demon Mother Demon Mother Caretaker In the middle of the Jakundaf Desert
Deseus Deseus Supervisor
The Thais Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by depot on Main Street.
Dog Lady Dog Lady Caretaker Rain Castle on Thais.
Emily Emily Caretaker The Barbican, in the northwest of Upper Rathleton, one floor up.
Gnomenursey Gnomenursey Assistant
Western Gnomegate, ear examination room
Helsi Van Ore Helsi Van Ore Supervisor
The Rathleton Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by temple in Rathleton Shops.
Hercule Hercule Supervisor
The Ankrahmun Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame south of depot.
Humgolf Humgolf Caretaker Shops Street in western Kazordoon.
Iskan Iskan Caretaker Svargrond, on the ice area north of the city
Lothar Lothar Caretaker North-West of Carlin
Mother Of Jack Mother Of Jack Caretaker North-western Stonehome, one floor up
Nilsor Nilsor Shaman
Nibelor, west of the stone circle.
Ottokar Ottokar Caretaker Venore Poor House, southwestern Venore.
Palomino Palomino Caretaker East of Thais.
Red Robert Red Robert Supervisor
Inside Nostalgia Arena, below Thais.
Rosemarie Rosemarie Caretaker South-west of Port Hope.
Tamerin Tamerin Druid
Arena and Zoo Quarter (Yalahar). Just in front of the unreachable Nightmare Scion there is a stairway going down, leading to a a small basement.

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