Player: hi
Captain Sinbeard: Welcome on board, Sir player. Where can I sail you today?
Player: sail or god
Captain Sinbeard: Where do you want to go? To Darashia, Venore, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Yalahar or Edron? Or to Travora - the island between the worlds?
Player: ship or tibia
Captain Sinbeard: My ship is the fastest in the whole world.
Player: name
Captain Sinbeard: I'm known all over the world as Captain Sinbeard.
Player: job or captain
Captain Sinbeard: I'm the captain of this sailing ship.
Player: ankrahmun
Captain Sinbeard: That's where we are.
Player: carlin or thais or ab'dendriel or svargrond
Captain Sinbeard: I'm sorry but I don't sail there.
Player: venore or darashia or port hope or edron or liberty bay or yalahar
Captain Sinbeard: Do you seek a passage to city for $$ gold?
Player: bye
Captain Sinbeard: Good bye. Recommend us if you were satisfied with our service.

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