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A character's capacity to carry items. As your level advances, you will be able to carry more items.
Knights have the highest capacity of all vocations, surpassing Paladins, while the Sorcerers and Druids are of the weakest constitution and therefore cannot carry as many items as other professions.
Your capacity is expressed in oz.

Capacity gain per level:


Since your capacity is limited, you will obviously want to use it as economically as possible.

Some top-tips to remember:

  • Empty Vials can be sold at magic stores, however, when you lack capacity, you are better throwing them away, as gold pieces have a higher value. The same goes for items you may loot.
  • Creature Products are better money-per-oz ratio than gold pieces are.
  • See Capacity Taken per Mana Point to see options for how to get the most mana regeneration for your capacity.


If you leave Rookgaard at at level 9 or 10, your Capacity as a Knight or Paladin will be less than that of Knights and Paladins who entered mainland at level 8. This effect will be permanent, unless your character is sent back to Rookgaard (this happens if you get degraded to level 5 on mainland).


To calculate the maximum number of capacity a player has at a certain level, see the Formula page.

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