Calassa is an undersea Quara settlement located northwest of Nargor.

The only way to get there is with Captain Max. He can take you there from Liberty Bay. He also rents the Helmet of the Deep, which is needed to walk underwater. In order to get the ability to travel with Captain Max you need to do The Explorer Society Quest.


Calassa NPCs
Captain MaxCaptain MaxShip CaptainLiberty Bay on one of the eastern Boats at the dock (here), and on a boat above Calassa (here).

Quara ConstrictorQuara Constrictor250450
Quara MantassinQuara Mantassin400800
Quara HydromancerQuara Hydromancer8001100
Massive Water ElementalMassive Water Elemental11001250
Quara PincherQuara Pincher12001800
Quara PredatorQuara Predator16002200

And sometimes
Crustacea GiganticaCrustacea Gigantica18001600

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