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This item is in the Other Items class, Quest Items sub-class
8.7 (December 8, 2010)
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Bunch of Winterberries Bunch of Winterberries
This berry is not edible in its raw form. Maybe Emilie of the Winterberry Society in Thais can help.
Attributes: Stackable
Light: 4 sqm
Weight: 0.20 oz.
i Transferable: Yes.
Loot value: Negotiable gp.
Dropped by:
Azure Frog, Badger, Bat, Bonelord, Crystal Spider, Deepling Guard, Deepling Spellsinger, Deepling Scout, Deepling Worker, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Elder Bonelord, Frost Troll, Ice Witch, Island Troll, Killer Caiman, Lancer Beetle, Lizard High Guard, Lizard Legionnaire, Mutated Bat, Orchid Frog, Quara Mantassin, Quara Constrictor, Penguin, Polar Bear, Sandcrawler, Squirrel, Terror Bird, Thornback Tortoise, Tortoise, Winter Wolf, Frost Dragon, Frost Dragon Hatchling.
Buy from: Players only.
Sell to: Players only.
Notes: They provide a medium amount of blue light.

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Part of the Annual Autumn Vintage world quest.
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