This player currently resides on the Optional PvP world of Refugia, as well as some of her relatives as well.

Bubble (experience history), presently a level 273 elite knight, was previously the highest level player on any Tibia server.
There are many tales and rumours about Bubble, about the items she owns and the places she has been to already. She was the first one to reach level 100 and also 200 and remained the highest level on all servers until Eternal Oblivion overleveled her. The opinions on her go from "She's just another PG", over "She's shared by a lot of people" to "I admire her, she's my heroine!". In real life Bubble's name is Janice and she lives with her husband Nietzsche (also a very highleveled player and former Gamemaster) in Hong Kong, China.

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