Player: Hi
Bruno: Ahoi, Player. You want to buy some fresh fish?
Player: offer or buy or fish
Bruno: Well, I sell freshly caught fish. You like some? Of course, you can buy more than one at once. *grin* Just ask me for a {trade}.
Player: trade
Bruno: Buy all the fish you want. It's fresh and healthy, promised.
Player: name
Bruno: My name is Bruno.
Player: Job
Bruno: My job is to catch fish and to sell them here.
Player: Marlene
Bruno: Ah yes, my lovely wife. God forgive her, but she can't stop talking. So my work is a great rest for my poor ears. *laughs loudly*
Player: Graubart
Bruno: I like this old salt. I learned much from him. Whatever. You like some fish? *grin*
Player: Bye
Bruno: Good bye and come again!

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