Boats can be found in the following cities:

Boats were added in Update 6.4 to provide a way to travel to the newly introduced island of Edron.

Using a boat is the easiest way to travel across the Tibian lands. Only players with a Premium Account can use them. Just get on board and ask the captain either for a passage or to sail to where you can go to.

Kazordoon doesn't have access to the sea, so it doesn't have a normal boat. Instead you can find a Magic Carpet (since Christmas Update 2012) and a Steamship deep down in the mines. With the steamship, you can travel to Cormaya and Farmine, from Thais to Kazordoon, and from the Sunken Mines to Thais and Robson's Isle.

Since the Summer Update 2005, boats and magic carpets are Protection Zones.

Note: If a boat or ferry is trapped, simply say kick to the NPC so that he helps you off the boat.

Table of boat fares

Players who have completed mission 6 of the Postman Missions Quest will pay 10 gp less than the advertised price for each passage.

↓ From To → Ab'D. Ank. Car. Dar. Edr. L.B. P.H. Ros. Ora.[1] Sva. Tha. Ven. Yal.[2] Kra.
Ab'Dendriel 80 70 130 90 160
Ankrahmun 100 160 90 80[3] 150 230
Carlin 80 110 110 110 130 185
Darashia 100 200 180 60 210 110
Edron 70 160 110 170 150 160 40 100
Liberty Bay 90 200 170 50 180 180 275
Port Hope 110[3] 180 150 50 160 160 260
Roshamuul 210
Oramond 110[1] 200[1] 150 130[1] 60
Svargrond 110 180 150
Thais 130 110 160 180 160 210 150 180 170 200
Venore 90 150 130 60 40 180 160 150 170 185 110
Yalahar[2] 160 230 185 210 275 260 200 185
Krailos 110 100 60 110
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Note: In order to travel from Oramond (Rathleton) to any city but Thais one must have a rank of "Citizen", via the Rathleton Quest, and that city must have been voted upon.
  2. ^ 2.0 2.1 Note: In order to travel to and from Yalahar one must complete the "Searoutes around Yalahar" mission.
  3. ^ 3.0 3.1 Note: Travelling from Ankrahmun to Port Hope is 80 gp, while travelling from Port Hope to Ankrahmun is 110 gp.

Additionally, you can buy daily tickets to Travora for 1000 gp from all Ship Captain NPCs, except Captain Chelop (Roshamuul) and Captain Pelagia (Krailos).

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You can gain the Achievement Ship's Kobold by taking around 1250 journeys by boat.
The cheapest cheapest option is to travel between Edron and Cormaya which costs around 25,000 gp if you have completed mission 6 of the Postman Missions Quest. However, it takes around 2500 journeys by this route because only one way counts. On the other hand, the fastest option is to travel between Edron and Venore, but it costs around 37,500 gp (if you have Postman's discount).
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Warning: If you use other coins than gold to travel (e.g if you are only carrying a Crystal Coin), be sure to have enough space and capacity for the change that the Captain will give you - otherwise you'll be moved to your destination, but your money will be left on the boat you travelled from.

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