Blooming Griffinclaw

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This Object is in the Flowers class.
7.8 (August 1, 2006)
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Blooming Griffinclaw Blooming Griffinclaw
Attributes: You can't move/take it.
Walking Time: Cross
Location: One on top of the mountains of Nargor; four in Deathbine's lair; five deep inside Chyllfroest.
Notes: Only the flower growing on Nargor can be harvested.
See also: Dry Griffinclaw.

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  • To take a sample of this plant, use a Botanist's Container on it while it is blooming. A sample cannot be taken when it is dry.

This sample is needed to obtain the Druid's Bear/Wolf Fur Addon.

How to get to the Griffinclaw Flower on Nargor


  • From entrance at Nargor, walk from A to B, go up stairs.
  • Walk from C to D, use three Parcels or Levitate (exani hur up) to go up at D.
  • Walk from E to F, there are NUMEROUS Pirates in this area, so be careful if you are a lower level.
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