Property Value
Usage Properties
Words utito tempo
Mana 290
Cooldown 2 seconds
Group CD 2 seconds
Requirement Properties
Vocation Knight
Level 60
Other Properties
Spell Group Support Spells
Cost 8000 gp
Version 8.4
December 10, 2008
Status Active
Blood Rage
Blood Rage
utito tempo


Increases your melee attack skills (fist fighting, axe fighting, club fighting and sword fighting) by 35% for 10 seconds. Concentrating on the fight, a knight will neglect his defense being unable to block any attack with his shield.


You can't use this and Protector spell at the same time. If both have been learnt though, Zoltan can easily switch them for a small fee of 500 gold.
This spell is useful to cast before facing a creature that would otherwise drain all your mana, such as a Priestess or Dwarf Geomancer.


A Fierce Berserk with a blood raged character, tested at the testerver.(PvM)


A Fierce Berserk with a blood raged character, tested at the testerver.(PvP)

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