A Blocking Set is the best combination of items against strong physical attacks, crushing melee or distance hits. This set protection percentage surpasses even the unobtainable set with Golden Helmet, Magic Plate Armor, Dragon Scale Legs and Golden Boots.

Using a Protection Amulet, the set will prevent 25.07% (remembering that % damage reduction multiplies instead of stacking, 5% from Zaoan Helmet, 8% from Ornate Chestplate, 5% from Ornate Legs, 5% from Depth Calcei, 5% from Ornate Shield and 6% from Protection Amulet) of all physical damage. Adding a Might Ring(20%) the count reaches 43.65%. Using a Stone Skin Amulet(80%) with a Might Ring will reduce the physical damage you recieve, after armor and shielding, by 88.01%.

Stone Skin Amulet
Shiny Blade
Might Ring
Prismatic Helmet
Ornate Chestplate
Ornate Legs
Depth Calcei
Prismatic Shield

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