Blessing Charms are single-use items that provide blessings. Each item will give the use its respective blessing.

Blood of the Mountain, Heart of the Mountain, Solitude Charm and Spiritual Charm are available as quest rewards. With the exception of Heart of the Mountain and Blood of the Mountain, all other blessing charms may be dropped by Gaz'haragoth.

Charms were given to players as a compensation for blessings lost in PvE deaths during exceptional connection issues such as heavy DDoS attacks that took place from August 21, 2013, till April 25, 2017. Additionally, all PvE deaths between August 01 and September 06, 2013, were compensated.

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Blood of the Mountain (Item) Blood of the Mountain (Item) 10.00
Heart of the Mountain (Item) Heart of the Mountain (Item) 10.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Phoenix Charm Phoenix Charm 10.00
Solitude Charm Solitude Charm 10.00
Spiritual Charm Spiritual Charm 10.00
Twin Sun Charm Twin Sun Charm 10.00
Unity Charm Unity Charm 10.00

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