Player: hi
Billy: Howdy Player.
Player: name
Billy: Billy.
Player: trade
Billy: Sure.
Player: help
Billy: I'm a cook, not a priest. If you need information, I can provide you with general hints.
Player: hint
Billy: If you don't know the meaning of an icon on the right side, move the mouse cursor on it and wait a moment.
Player: hint
Send private messages to other players by right-clicking on the player or the player's name and select 'Message to ....'. You can also open a 'private message channel' and type in the name of the player.
Player: hint
Billy: Use the shortcuts 'SHIFT' to look, 'CTRL' for use and 'ALT' for attack when clicking on an object or player.
Player: hint
Billy: If you already know where you want to go, click on the automap and your character will walk there automatically if the location is reachable and not too far away.
Player: hint
Billy: To open or close skills, battle or VIP list, click on the corresponding button to the right.
Player: hint
Billy: 'Capacity' restricts the amount of things you can carry with you. It raises with each level.
Player: hint
Billy: Always have a look on your health bar. If you see that you do not regenerate health points anymore, eat something.
Player: hint
Billy: Always eat as much food as possible. This way, you'll regenerate health points for a longer period of time.
Player: hint
Billy: After you have killed a monster, you have 10 seconds in which the corpse is not moveable and no one else but you can loot it.
Player: hint
Billy: Be careful when you approach three or more monsters because you only can block the attacks of two. In such a situation even a few rats can do severe damage or even kill you.
Player: hint
Billy: There are many ways to gather food. Many creatures drop food but you can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you have a fishing rod and worms in your inventory, you can also try to catch a fish.
Player: hint
Billy: Baking bread is rather complex. First of all you need a scythe to harvest wheat. Then you use the wheat with a millstone to get flour. ...
This can be be used on water to get dough, which can be used on an oven to bake bread. Use milk instead of water to get cake dough.
Player: hint
Billy: Dying hurts! Better run away than risk your life. You are going to lose experience and skill points when you die.
Player: hint
Billy: When you switch to 'Offensive Fighting', you deal out more damage but you also get hurt more easily.
Player: hint
Billy: When you are on low health and need to run away from a monster, switch to 'Defensive Fighting' and the monster will hit you less severely.
Player: hint
Billy: Many creatures try to run away from you. Select 'Chase Opponent' to follow them.
Player: hint
Billy: The deeper you enter a dungeon, the more dangerous it will be. Approach every dungeon with utmost care or an unexpected creature might kill you. This will result in losing experience and skill points.
Player: hint
Billy: Due to the perspective, some objects in Tibia are not located at the spot they seem to appear (ladders, windows, lamps). Try clicking on the floor tile the object would lie on.
Player: hint
Billy: If you want to trade an item with another player, right-click on the item and select 'Trade with ...', then click on the player with whom you want to trade.
Player: hint
Billy: Stairs, ladders and dungeon entrances are marked as yellow dots on the automap.
Player: hint
Billy: You can get food by killing animals or monsters. You can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you are too lazy or own too much money, you can also buy food.
Player: hint
Billy: Quest containers can be recognised easily. They don't open up regularly but display a message 'You have found ....'. They can only be opened once.
Player: hint
Billy: Better run away than risk to die. You'll lose experience and skill points each time you die.
Player: hint
Billy: You can form a party by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. The party leader can also enable 'Shared Experience' by right-clicking on him- or herself.
Player: hint
Billy: You can assign spells, the use of items, or random text to 'hotkeys'. You find them under 'Options'.
Player: hint
Billy: You can also follow other players. Just right-click on the player and select 'Follow'.
Player: hint
Billy: You can found a party with your friends by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. If you are invited to a party, right-click on yourself and select 'Join Party'.
Player: hint
Billy: Only found parties with people you trust. You can attack people in your party without getting a skull. This is helpful for training your skills, but can be abused to kill people without having to fear negative consequences.
Player: hint
Billy: The leader of a party has the option to distribute gathered experience among all players in the party. If you are the leader, right-click on yourself and select 'Enable Shared Experience'.
Player: hint
Billy: There is nothing more I can tell you. If you are still in need of some hints, I can repeat them for you.
Player: job
Billy: I'm a farmer and a cook. I'd love to make pancakes, but I'm lacking a good pan.
Player: shop or shopkeeper
Billy: Nah, this is not a real shop. I have some offers, though. If you're interested, just ask me for a trade. There are other merchants on Rookgaard as well.
Player: merchant
Billy: To view the offers of a merchant, simply talk to him or her and ask for a trade.
Player: god
Billy: That's right, I'm the god of cooking!
Player: recipe
Billy: I'd love to make pancakes, but I'm lacking a decent pan. If you get me one, I'll reward you.
Player: pan
Billy: Have you found a pan for me?
Player: no
Billy: Then go and look for one!
Player: pan
Billy: Have you found a pan for me?
Player: yes
Billy: Hey! You don't have one!
Player: time
Billy: I came here to have some peace and leisure so leave me alone with 'time'.
Player: cook
Billy: I'm the best cook around. You can sell most types of food to me. Just ask me for a trade to see what I buy from you as well as my offers.
Player: food
Billy: Just ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: king
Billy: The king and his tax collectors are far away. You'll meet them soon enough.
Player: magic or spell
Billy: I can spell but I don't know any spells.
Player: sell
Billy: Just ask me for a trade to see what I buy from you. Food of almost any kind!
Player: buy
Billy: Just ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: equipment
Billy: As an adventurer, you should always have at least a backpack, a rope, a shovel, a weapon, an armor and a shield.
Player: weapon
Billy: Ask Obi or Lee'Delle. They make a fortune here with all those wannabe heroes.
Player: shields or armors.
Billy: Armor and shields can be bought at Dixi's or at Lee'Delle's. Dixi runs that shop near Obi's.
Player: shovel, rope, fishing rod or backpack
Billy: Get that from Al Dee or Lee'Delle.
Player: bank
Billy: Rather give your money to me than leaving it at the bank. Hehe.
Player: gold coin or money
Billy: Well, no gold, no deal. Earn gold by fighting monsters and picking up the things they carry. Sell it to merchants to make profit!
Player: monsters
Billy: Don't be scared, you should be safe as long as you stay in town. Dangerous monsters are roaming the dungeons.
Player: dungeon
Billy: You'll find a lot of dungeons if you look around. One example are the sewers below Rookgaard.
Player: sewer
Billy: The local sewers are invested by rats. Fresh rats give a good stew, you can sell them to me.
Player: rat
Billy: If you bring me a fresh rat for my famous stew, ask me for a trade.
Player: academy
Billy: There are lots and lots of dusty books. You can read them for some basic knowledge about the world. Then again, you could also ask around in the village.
Player: Rookgaard
Billy: This island will prepare you for the main continent of Tibia. Learn to fight and grow stronger!
Player: Tibia
Billy: There is so much to explore! Better hurry to get to the continent! Once you're level 8, look for the oracle.
Player: oracle
Billy: You can find the oracle on the top floor of the academy, just above Seymour. Go there when you are level 8.
Player: hole
Billy: I definitely don't wanna go into that topic. Loui is already crazy enough about that hole.
Player: citizen
Billy: Which citizen?
Player: Al Dee
Billy: Decent guy. He sells general equipment such as ropes, shovels and so on.
Player: Amber
Billy: She's pretty indeed! I wonder if she likes bearded men.
Player: Billy
Billy: Gotta love that name.
Player: Cipfried
Billy: He never leaves the temple. He spends his time caring for those who newly arrive here. You can ask him for a heal if you are badly injured or poisoned.
Player: Dallheim or Zerbrud
Billy: He is one of the king's best men and here to protect us.
Player: Dixi
Billy: That's Obi's granddaughter. She helps him out by selling armors and shields. I think she'll be a beauty when she's grown up.
Player: Hyacinth
Billy: I never see that guy around.
Player: Lee'Delle
Billy: Her shop is super-duper exclusive. If you're a premium adventurer, check it out in the western part of town. Lotsa nice offers there.
Player: Lily
Billy: She lives in the very south of this town, selling her potions. Sweet - well, sweet-loving girl.
Player: Loui
Billy: Now that's one crazy fellow. I usually hear him scream about some hole.
Player: Norma
Billy: That girl is all about party now. I think she was fed up with equipment selling.
Player: Obi
Billy: I like him, we usually have a drink or two once a week and share stories about Willie.
Player: Paulie
Billy: He must have the most boring job there is.
Player: Santiago
Billy: He's a fisherman and somehow his hut is always infested with cockroaches.
Player: Seymour
Billy: I don't like his headmaster behaviour. Then again, he IS the headmaster of the academy.
Player: Tom
Billy: Tom the tanner buys what's too nasty or too old to eat, animal-wise. Dead wolves and such.
Player: Willie
Billy: Don't listen to this old wannabe, I'm the best cook around.
Player: Zirella
Billy: That old hag always finds someone to do her work. I have no clue how she is doing that.
Player: bye
Player: hi
Billy: Howdy Player.
Billy: YOU RUDE $§&$

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