Beregar, the hidden city under the hill, is a dwarven settlement located under the islands of Fenrock and Mistrock. According to Emperor Rehal, the city originally was formed by two tribes, but one of them left and founded the city that is now known as Kazordoon. There are three wooden mailboxes in the city, all to the west of the great hall. Near Beregar you can find the Beregar Mines and the beregar bonelord cave, among other hunting places.

Some time after Beregar was founded, the new settlement was attacked by many undead. The attack was fended off, but to this day you will still find many of them deep under Beregar. The most frightening of all is Pythius The Rotten, who was lost in the labyrinth and took to guarding his treasures...

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To reach the city you must enter the caves of Fenrock, descend two levels and use a pick on a crack located southeast of the tortoise cave. After that there's a long path from which it's possible to reach Dragons, Dragon Lords, Diabolic Imps, Liches and other strong creatures, but these are isolated from the main path so the only thing you'll meet on the way there are Skeletons, Rotworms and Goblins of all kinds. After you reach the city for the first time you'll then be able to use ore wagons to skip this part of the voyage, and you'll have started The Hidden City of Beregar Quest.

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Beregar NPCs (15 NPCs)
BolfonaBolfonaBarkeeperBeregar tavern.
DrogDrogUnknown OccupationBeregar tavern
Emperor RehalEmperor RehalMonarchAt the north end of the throne room in Beregar.
FrafnarFrafnarGuardBeregar Mines, west of the mines entrance.
Frok, The GuardFrok, The GuardGuardBeregar, at the royal throne.
GromburGromburGuardBeregar Mines, south of the mines entrance.
HarogHarogShopkeeperBeregar entrance hall
Kihil, The GuardKihil, The GuardGuardBeregar, at the royal throne.
NokmirNokmirGuardBeregar Mines, north of the mines entrance.
PyromentalPyromentalUnknown OccupationEast of Beregar
Pythius the RottenPythius the RottenCollectorBeregar caves.
RehonRehonExplorerBeregar, in a troll prison cell
TehlimTehlimCookOld Mines of Beregar
XorloshXorloshForemanBeregar Mines, just next to the city entrance.
ZirkonZirkonUnknown OccupationEast of Beregar

Beregar's Mines
Poison SpiderPoison Spider2226
Dwarf SoldierDwarf Soldier70135
Troll LegionnaireTroll Legionnaire140210
Fire DevilFire Devil145200
Stone GolemStone Golem160270
Dwarf GuardDwarf Guard165245
Furious TrollFurious Troll185245
Fire ElementalFire Elemental220280
  • This creature drops no loot.
Mechanical FighterMechanical Fighter255420
Cyclops SmithCyclops Smith255435
Dwarf GeomancerDwarf Geomancer265380
Giant SpiderGiant Spider9001300
  • This creature drops no loot.

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