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This creature is in the Invertebrates class, Bonelords subclass and has history.
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Bonelord Bonelord
260 Hit points
170 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/-- (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-5), Fireball (0-45), Heavy Magic Missile (0-45), Stalagmite (0-45), Death Missile (0-50), Distance Life Drain (0-45), Distance Mana Drain (0-35), Summon 0-6 Skeletons.
Pushable: Cross
Push Objects: Tick
Walks around: FireEnergy
Est. Max. Damage: 35 mana drain and 235 (With all 6 summons, 415) hp per turn
Immune To: Earth, Life Drain, Invisibility
Strong To: Ice (-20%)
Neutral To: Physical, Holy, Death, Energy, Drown?
Weak To: Fire (+10%)
Sounds: "You've got the look!"; "Let me take a look at you."; "Eye for eye!"; "I've got to look!"; "Here's looking at you!"
Behavior: The bonelord, a.k.a. Beholder in earlier versions of the game, will back away from its opponent, trying to keep a distance from the target while using a variety of spells, and usually summons Skeletons which will attempt to surround the attacker. After Update 8.0, Bonelords do less damage per turn.
Field Notes: Bonelords give good loot and are profitable for skilled players to kill at low levels. They are one of the four sources of the Bonelord Shield.
Location: Ancient Temple, Alatar Lake, Mount Sternum Undead Cave, Desert Dungeon, Hellgate, Helheim, Fibula Dungeon, Villa Scapula, Hero Cave before Dragons, Eastern Drefia, Folda hidden cave, Maze of Lost Souls, way to Mintwallin, before Kazordoon city entrance, abandoned building east of Venore, Green Claw Swamp, north of the Venore Amazon Camp, Below Point of No Return in Outlaw Camp, Vandura, Triangle Tower, Hidden cave north of Port Hope, Deeper Banuta, Dark Cathedral, Shadow Tomb, Ancient Ruins Tomb, Tarpit Tomb, Mountain Tomb, Peninsula Tomb, Oasis Tomb and beneath Fenrock.
Strategy: It's recommended for low levels hunting them to bring health potions, as groups of them quickly chew health.Knights: Chase the Bonelord down and attack it. It has virtually no melee skills, so using a shield is obsolete. If you get surrounded by Skeletons, a direct path will be difficult, so quickly kill them and break through rather than trying to navigate around them. Another way is to wait for the Bonelord to approach behind a corner and then attack it.
Paladins: At level 14 or higher, you can just shoot it from a distance with 50+ skills.

Sorcerers: You can kill these at level 13 using the Wand of Dragonbreath and a few mana potions, although this is not recommended. At level 22, hunting Bonelords with the Wand of Draconia should be easy. Just remember to keep using the Light Healing spell as needed and to corner them. This will help increasing the chance of them using their weak melee attack, rather then a magic based attack. Try to avoid being trapped by their summons.

Druids: You will spend more mana at Level 13, because they are strong against ice. At any higher level, use the same strategy as the sorcerer.
0-48 Gold Coins, Longsword, Morning Star, Small Flask of Eyedrops (semi-rare), Spellbook (semi-rare), Steel Shield (semi-rare), Two Handed Sword (semi-rare), Bonelord Eye (rare), Terra Rod (rare), Mana Potion (very rare), Bonelord Shield (extremely rare). (Loot Statistics)

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