Beggars are so poor that they have no choice but to roam the streets. They will be happy with any alms you can spare.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Beggar A Beggar Beggar Lower Rathleton, just west of the bridge to the Workshop Quarter
Melchior Melchior Beggar Wandering the streets of Ankrahmun (usually somewhere east of depot)
Ortheus Ortheus Beggar Magician Quarter, north-west section one floor up.
Shoddy Beggar Shoddy Beggar Beggar Edron, west of castle
Simon the Beggar Simon the Beggar Beggar Southern Fibula Shore.
The Beggar King The Beggar King Beggar
Clan Leader
Lower Rathleton, one floor down in the Rathleton Sewers behind a quest door

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