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8.0 (June 26, 2007)
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Barbarian Arena Quest
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Also known as: The Svargrond Arena
Reward: A choice out of 5 different rewards per difficulty, as well as a Bronze, Silver or Golden Goblet with inscribed text.
Location: Svargrond
Level required: 0
Level recommended: 30+
Be prepared to face: Frostfur, Bloodpaw, Bovinus, Achad, Colerian the Barbarian, The Hairy One, Axeitus Headbanger, Rocky, Cursed Gladiator, Orcus the Cruel, Avalanche (Creature), Kreebosh the Exile, The Dark Dancer, The Hag, Slim, Grimgor Guteater, Drasilla, Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Water, Spirit of Fire, Webster, Darakan the Executioner, Norgle Glacierbeard, The Pit Lord, Svoren the Mad, The Masked Marauder, Gnorre Chyllson, Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar, Deathbringer, The Obliverator.
Legend: ...


In the north part of Svargrond there is an arena which you can fight in. Halvar will permit you access if you pay a fee first. The fees are 1,000 gp (Greenhorn), 5,000 gp (Scrapper), and 10,000 gp (Warlord). There is no level requirement but you must have completed any difficulties lower than your choice.

When you have paid, you can enter the sealed door by Halvar. At the end of the path there are 3 Magic Forcefields. Each of these will take you to the first arena and the first boss that you have agreed to battle will spawn immediately upon your arrival.

Each difficulty has 10 arena challenges. Each challenge has a time limit of 10 minutes. If you are in a room for longer than 10 minutes, you will fail and be kicked out. Only one person can be in an arena room at once. The challenges use the same 10 arenas, i.e. Greenhorn 1 is the same room as Scrapper 1.

When you enter, there is a teleport to the south. If you step in this teleporter, you will concede defeat and be sent out. When you kill the arena combatant, the blue stone to the west of the room will turn into a teleporter to the next room. You may need a lot of supplies as there is no way to restock.

Players can watch you from above, but there is an invisible barrier preventing items from being transferred to/from the arena.

If you die, there is no way to recover your items, as your corpse will be deleted if a player enters the arena to get them.




Greenhorn is the easiest of the 3. It is recommended to do this at level 15+. The entrance fee is 1,000 gp. You should not have troubles until the 9th combatant. Prepare to face Cursed Gladiator (Crypt Shambler) and Orcus the Cruel (Orc Leader); the other combatants are not worthy of mention. You can use Traps to help deal damage for low leveled characters as the combatants have low armor values.


Boss Exp HP
Frostfur Frostfur 35 65
Bloodpaw Bloodpaw 50 100
Bovinus Bovinus 60 150
Achad Achad 70 185
Colerian the Barbarian Colerian the Barbarian 90 265
The Hairy One The Hairy One 115 325
Axeitus Headbanger Axeitus Headbanger 140 365
Rocky Rocky 190 390
Cursed Gladiator Cursed Gladiator 215 435
Orcus the Cruel Orcus the Cruel 280 480


You will receive a Bronze Goblet with the inscribed text Awarded to name. In addition, you may choose one of the following items:

Greenhorn Weapons
Name Trans Attributes Hands Level Weight Dropped By
Orcish Maul Orcish Maul Atk: 42, Def: 18 Two 35 54.00 oz None.
Headchopper Headchopper Atk: 42, Def: 20 Two 35 45.00 oz None.
Blacksteel Sword Blacksteel Sword Atk: 42, Def: 22 Two 35 59.00 oz None.

Present containing: Piggy Bank, Surprise Bag (Blue), Bar of Chocolate, 10 Candies, Ice Cream Cone (Blue-Barian).
Backpack Containing: 100 Sniper Arrows and 100 Onyx Arrows.


Recommended level: 50 (none required)
Entry fee: 5000 gp


Boss Exp HP
Avalanche (Creature) Avalanche (Creature) 305 550
Kreebosh the Exile Kreebosh the Exile 350 705
The Dark Dancer The Dark Dancer 435 805
The Hag The Hag 510 935
Slim Slim 580 1025
Grimgor Guteater Grimgor Guteater 670 1155
Drasilla Drasilla 700 1260
Spirit of Earth Spirit of Earth 800 1200
Spirit of Water Spirit of Water 850 1400
Spirit of Fire Spirit of Fire 950 2210


You will receive a Silver Goblet with the inscribed text Awarded to name. In addition, you may choose one of the following items:

Scrapper Weapons
Name Trans Attributes Hands Level Weight Dropped By
Cranial Basher Cranial Basher Atk: 44, Def: 20 -2 One 60 78.00 oz None.
Heroic Axe Heroic Axe Atk: 44, Def: 24 +1 One 60 61.00 oz None.
Mystic Blade Mystic Blade Atk: 44, Def: 25 +2 One 60 35.00 oz None.

Present Containing: Baby Seal Doll, Bar of Chocolate, Ice Cream Cone (Chilly Cherry), 10 Candies.
Backpack Containing: Silver Great Fireball Rune Emblem, Silver Heavy Magic Missile Rune Emblem, 200 Power Bolts, 100 Onyx Arrows.


Recommended level: 120
Entry fee: 10000 gp

Warlord Arena 108 EK - Valoria17:37

Warlord Arena 108 EK - Valoria


Boss Exp HP
Webster Webster 1200 2950
Darakan the Executioner Darakan the Executioner 1600 3480
Norgle Glacierbeard Norgle Glacierbeard 2100 4280
The Pit Lord The Pit Lord 2500 5270
Svoren the Mad Svoren the Mad 3000 6310
The Masked Marauder The Masked Marauder 3500 7320
Gnorre Chyllson Gnorre Chyllson 4000 7150
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar 4400 7990
Deathbringer Deathbringer 5100 8440
The Obliverator The Obliverator 6000 9020


You will receive a Golden Goblet with the inscribed text Awarded to name. In addition, you may choose one of the following items:

Warlord Weapons
Name Trans Attributes Hands Level Weight Dropped By
Blessed Sceptre Blessed Sceptre Atk: 47, Def: 21 +3 One 75 39.00 oz None
Royal Axe Royal Axe Atk: 47, Def: 25 +3 One 75 92.00 oz None
The Justice Seeker The Justice Seeker Atk: 47, Def: 24 +3 One 75 50.00 oz None.

Present Containing: Panda Teddy, Bar of Chocolate, Ice Cream Cone (Crispy Chocolate Chips), 10 Candies.
Backpack Containing: 100 Infernal Bolts, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion, Silver Sudden Death Rune Emblem, Silver Ultimate Healing Rune Emblem.

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