Bank accounts

A Bank is a place where you can exchange Gold Coins, Platinum Coins, and Crystal Coins. Each Bank is occupied by a Banker. Since the 2006 Christmas Update, Banks provide players with a Bank Account, which allows players to deposit their gold, withdraw gold in case they need to spend some of it, and transfer gold to other characters. Since the 2014 Christmas Update, it's also possible to transfer gold to guilds.

Characters in Rookgaard cannot send gold to characters in mainland or other characters in Rookgaard. Characters in mainland cannot send gold to characters in Rookgaard. When your character moves from Rookgaard to mainland, all the money will be transferred to mainland's Bank Account automatically.

Also, since the Christmas update of 2008, characters in Rookgaard cannot deposit more than 1000 gold in their Bank Account.

In-game you can get various fun messages from bankers such as:

You certainly have made a pretty penny. Your account balance is 100,000 gold. (100k)

Wow, you have reached the magic number of a million gp!!! Your account balance is 1,000,000 gold! (1000k or 1kk)

I think you must be one of the richest inhabitants of Tibia! Your account balance is 10,000,000 gold. (10,000k or 10kk)

Locations of Banks

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