Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Edron
Position 129.221, 124.21, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Hero
Other Properties
Version 6.4
November 2, 2001
Status Active
Avar Tar
You see Avar Tar.
NPC Bubble D


North-east of Edron, near the mountain pass to the north


He is a hero on a quest for King Tibianus. He has information about the Excalibug, the Ruthless Seven and the Pits of Inferno. His name MAY have derived from Avatar, the main character of the Ultima Series.

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Part of What a foolish Quest, mission 10.
Part of the Demon Outfits Quest.

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Avar Tar: Greetings, traveller Player!
Player: name
Avar Tar: I'm Avar Tar, slayer of monsters, saviour of princesses, and defender of the weak.
Player: job
Avar Tar: I'm a professional hero.
Player: hero
Avar Tar: I think I'm the greatest hero in Tibia, but my humility forbids me to make an issue out of it.
Player: tibia
Avar Tar: I've seen it all and done it all ... at least twice.
Player: time
Avar Tar: It's 9:45 am right now.
Player: ferumbras
Avar Tar: I fought him several times, sometimes he killed me, sometimes I killed him. I'd say we are even right now, but I'm getting better and more powerful each day.
Player: triangle of terror
Avar Tar: They might be a nice way for weaker heroes to prove their skill.
Player: orshabaal
Avar Tar: Don't be afraid! As long as I stand guard here, the beast won't reach the town!
Player: excalibug
Avar Tar: I am sure it's hidden in a vault of the Nightmare Knights beneath the Plains of Havoc. I'm planning an expedition to go there and to rout out the Ruthless Seven, but I have to save the world first.
Player: ruthless seven
Avar Tar: Oh come on. Let the noobs take care of them. Call me if they are fourteen or so.
Player: quest/king tibianus
Avar Tar: I'm on a quest for the Thaian king ... as usual.
Player: sword of fury
Avar Tar: Ah, my trusty old sword. I left it on Rookgaard years ago when I left for the main continent.
Player: rookgaard
Avar Tar: Rookgaard is full of memories of my first heroic accomplishments ...
Avar Tar: I heard that after all these years, the minotaur mage there refuses to leave his room as he is still afraid of me.
Player: thais
Avar Tar: If I had time, I would restore peace in this once proud city, but there's too much to do before I can start that quest.
Player: carlin
Avar Tar: I saved the women there once or twice.
Player: magic
Avar Tar: I had to master the magic of all 4 vocations for one of the quests.
Player: news
Avar Tar: There is a great evil lurking beneath this isle ... and beneath the Plains of Havoc, and in the ancient necropolis, and beneath the Ghostlands ... well basically everywhere.
Player: demons
Avar Tar: Demons know and fear my name! It's not always easy to be a hero, you know?
Player: bonelord language
Avar Tar: 29639 46781! 9063376290 3222011 677 80322429 67538 14805394, 6880326 677 63378129 337011 72683 149630 4378! 453 639 578300 986372 2953639! I know it’s rather short, but still, this poem I like best.
Player: bye
Avar Tar: See you later, Player.

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