Artists have almost unlimited creativity and love to spend their time producing all kinds of art, from performance art and music to literature and clothes design.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Bearded Woman A Bearded Woman Artist East of Northport, in The Cave
A Majestic Warwolf A Majestic Warwolf Artist Cormaya, in a cave on the east part of the island
A Strange Fellow A Strange Fellow Artist Venore, below Depot
Bozo Bozo Artist Rain Castle courtyard in north-west Thais on Royal Avenue.
Bradford Bradford Artist Liberty Bay, west of depot, at the tavern.
Casper Casper Artist
North of Darashia
Edgar-Ellen Edgar-Ellen Artist Near the fountain on Royal Avenue.
Hoaxette Hoaxette Artist Walking between Temple Street, Main Street and Farm Lane in Thais during the month of April.
Hugo Hugo Artist
Venore, upstairs in the Dress for Success Warehouse.
Jack Jack Artist North-western Stonehome
Lorietta Lorietta Cleric
Yalahar Temple, just south of depot on the left side of dock, near the boat.
Nicholas Nicholas Artist
Furniture Shopkeeper
Interior Design, in the east of Upper Rathleton
Percybald Percybald Artist Carlin on Theater Avenue
Pig (NPC) Pig (NPC) Artist The McRonald Farm in Thais, on Farm Lane.
Tereban Tereban Artist Edron, above Depot

Other artists: Hengis Wulfson

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