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High up in the Ivory Towers in Edron, home to some of the most advanced workers of magic in Tibia, hangs a simple blackboard. The message on it strikes either fear or envy in the heart of every magic worker in the land...

It reads:
The one and only Armageddon spell. Sorry, we're currently looking for a new teacher.

This spell was only taught by the great and infamous mage Ferumbras, that was thrown out of the Edron academy because of his destructive behavior. This spell is like Ultimate Explosion, but looks like a large explosion of energy waves, and fills all of the screen. The average damage when Ferumbras uses this spell, is approximately 600 to 950. Nobody in the land of Tibia knows as to if this spell can be taught, but there are numerous things leading to the conclusion that it may never be learnable.

Many players bet that it will be can bought in some later Updates.

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