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The apes used to be the slaves of the Lizards, but the lizard society was marked by a vicious rivalry between the magician and the warrior caste. This power struggle eventually resulted in a bitter civil war. Distracted by the countless fights, the lizards failed to see the unrest that brewed among their simian slaves, the apes. The apes started a revolt to free their race, and the lizards, who were already weakened by the constant battles among their own kind, were quickly overcome by the raging apes. The few who survived fled their temple city and sought refuge in the wilderness of the jungle. Apes also go out sometimes to a raid (Port Hope). Normally hunted by Medium-High levels, beacuse of experience and loot. The principal loot who everybody want to loot from Apes is Ape Fur.

All Apes that can be found at Banuta are weak to Death Damage, but more weak to Ice Damage.

See also Ape NPCs.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Kongra Kongra 115 340 -- --
Kongra (Anti-Botter) Kongra (Anti-Botter) ? 20000~ -- --
    Merlkin Merlkin 145 235 -- --
    Merlkin (Anti-Botter) Merlkin (Anti-Botter) 900~ 20000~ -- --
      Sibang Sibang 105 225 -- --
      Vulcongra Vulcongra 1100 1600 -- --
      Yeti Yeti 460 950 -- --

      Ape Boss

      Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
      Hairman the Huge Hairman the Huge 335 600 -- --

      Ape Arena Boss

      Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
      The Hairy One The Hairy One 115 325 -- --

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