(note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft)

Player: Hi
Anerui: Ashari Player.
Player: Job
Anerui: I am the mistress of the hunt. At this place you may buy the food our hunts provide.
Player: Hunt
Anerui: Hunting is an art, practiced too often by diletantes. Every fool with a bow or a spear considers himself a hunter.
Player: Bow
Anerui: Bow, arrow, and spear are the hunters' best friends. In the northeast of the town one of us may sell such tools.
Player: Hunter
Anerui: Hunters live a life of freedom and closeness to nature, unlike a simple farmer or bugherder.
Player: Nature
Anerui: Nature is not a friend but an unforgiving teacher, and the lessons we have to learn are endless.
Player: Time
Anerui: Watch the sky, it will tell you.
Player: Crunor
Anerui: I guess it's a human god for the human sight of nature. I have not much knowledge of this entity.
Player: Teshial
Anerui: If they ever existed they are gone now.
Player: Kuridai
Anerui: The Kuridai are too agressive not only to people but also to the enviroment. They lack any understanding of the balance that we know as nature.
Player: Balance
Anerui: The balance of nature, of course. It's everywhere, so don't ask but observe and learn.
Player: Deraisim
Anerui: We try to live in harmony with the forces of nature, may they be living or unliving.
Player: Human
Anerui: The humans are a loud and ugly race. They lack any grace and are more kin to the orcs then to us.
Player: Death
Anerui: Life and death are significant parts of the balance.
Player: Life
Anerui: Life and death are significant parts of the balance.
Player: Troll
Anerui: I despise their presence in our town, but it may be a necessary evil.
Player: Elf
Anerui: That is the race to which I belong.
Player: Cenath
Anerui: The magic they wield is all that matters to them.
Player: Bye
Anerui: Asha Thrazi.

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