Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Rookgaard
Position 125.63, 125.182, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Equipment Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version 6.2
June 10, 2001
Status Active
Al Dee
You see Al Dee.
NPC Bubble D
  • Are you looking for the best trades? Come to my shop!
  • Feeling lost? You can always ask me about general hints!
  • Tools and general equipment at Al Dee's!
  • Don't head for adventure without a rope and torches! Buy your supplies here!


North in Rookgaard


Al Dee supplies the city with equipment. He is a hotshot guy who wants to be the only merchant on Rookgaard and is therefore called Mad Al. He is an allusion to German supermarket Aldi. His brother Gree Dee, who works in Yalahar, is an Equipment Shopkeeper as well. He may be related to Barnabas Dee, sorcerer from Rathleton.
Signs advertising Al Dee's wares can be found in many strange and obscure places, including the following: In the Rat cave nearest to him there is a sign that says:

"You read: Buy ropes at Al Dee's shop."

There is another one near the bridge crossing to the western wilderness area:

"You read: Never enter dungeons without a rope or you may be lost forever.
Al Dee's shop - come to where the ropes are!

Deep in the dungeons of Rookgaard there is a sign that tells:

"Feeling alone in the dark?
Is your torch running out?
Al Dee's shop - come to where the torches are!

Another sign deep in a cave says:

"You read: Feeling lost?
Would you give all your gold for a rope now?
Al Dee's shop - come to where the ropes are!
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Talk to him to start the Pick Quest.
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Trade Details


Item   Value
Fishing Rod Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment30
Rope Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment8
Shovel Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment2


Item   Value
Backpack Household Items Household Items10
Bag Household Items Household Items4
Fishing Rod Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment150
Rope Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment50
Scroll Household Items Household Items5
Scythe Weapons Weapons12
Shovel Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment10
Torch Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment2
Worm Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment1


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Al Dee.
You see a blackboard.
rope, torch,
bag, backpack,
scroll, sickle,
shovel, pick, scythe,
fishing rod

Player: hi or hello
Al Dee: Hello, hello, Player! Please come in, look, and buy! I'm a specialist for all sorts of tools. Just ask me for a trade to see my offers! You can also ask me for general hints about the game.
Player: How are you?
Al Dee: I'm fine. I'm so glad to have you here as my customer.
Player: tools
Al Dee: As an adventurer, you should always have at least a backpack, a rope, a shovel, a weapon, an armor and a shield.
Player: offer
Al Dee: Just ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: trade
Al Dee: Take a look in the trade window to your right.
Player: gold or money
Al Dee: Well, no gold, no deal. Earn gold by fighting monsters and picking up the things they carry. Sell it to merchants to make profit!
Player: backpack or rope or shovel
Al Dee: Yes, I am selling that. Simply ask me for a trade to view all my offers.
Player: weapon
Al Dee: Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't deal with weapons. That's Obi's or Lee'Delle's business. I could offer you a pick in exchange for a small axe if you should happen to own one.
Player: armor or shield
Al Dee: Armor and shields can be bought at Dixi's or at Lee'Delle's. Dixi runs that shop near Obi's.
Player: food
Al Dee: Hmm, the best address to look for food might be Willie or Billy. Norma also has some snacks for sale.
Player: potions
Al Dee: Sorry, I don't sell potions. You should visit Lily for that.
Player: cookies or fishing
Al Dee: I sell fishing rods and worms if you want to fish. Simply ask me for a trade.
Player: cooking
Al Dee: I you want to find someone who may want to buy your cookies, you should meet Lily.
Player: fish
Al Dee: No thanks. I don't like fish.
Player: torch
Al Dee: No thank you. I can already overstock the market with torches.
Player: worms
Al Dee: I have enough worms myself and don't want any more. Use them for fishing.
Player: bone
Al Dee: You better put that bone back there where you dug it out.
Player: help or information
Al Dee: If you need general equipment, just ask me for a trade. I can also provide you with some general hints about the game.
Player: job
Al Dee: I'm a merchant. Just ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: name
Al Dee: My name is Al Dee, but you can call me Al. Can I interest you in a trade?
Player: time
Al Dee: It's about 0:00 am. I'm so sorry, I have no watches to sell. Do you want to buy something else?
Player: premium
Al Dee: As a premium adventurer you have many advantages. You really should check them out!
Player: king
Al Dee: The king encouraged salesmen to travel here, but only I dared to take the risk, and a risk it was!
Player: sell
Al Dee: Just ask me for a trade to see what I buy from you.
Player: wares or stuff
Al Dee: Just ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: pick or small axe
Al Dee: Picks are hard to come by. I trade them only in exchange for high quality small axes. Would you like to make that deal?
Player: no (after pick or small axe)
Al Dee: Well, then don't.
Player: yes (after pick or small axe - without a small axe)
Al Dee: Sorry, I am looking for a SMALL axe.
Player: yes (after pick or small axe - with a small axe)
Al Dee: Splendid! Here, take your pick.
Player: dungeon
Al Dee: If you want to explore the dungeons such as the sewers, you have to equip yourself with the vital stuff I am selling. It's vital in the deepest sense of the word.
Player: sewers
Al Dee: Oh, our sewer system is very primitive - it's so primitive that it's overrun by rats. But the stuff I sell is safe from them. Just ask me for a trade to see it!
Player: vital
Al Dee: Well, vital means - necessary for you to survive!
Player: rats
Al Dee: Rats plague our sewers. You can sell fresh rat corpses to Seymour or Tom the tanner.
Player: monsters
Al Dee: If you want to challenge monsters in the dungeons, you need some weapons and armor from the local merchants.
Player: merchants
Al Dee: To view the offers of a merchant, simply talk to him or her and ask for a trade. They will gladly show you their offers and also the things they buy from you.
Player: Tibia
Al Dee: One day I will return to the continent as a rich, a very rich man!
Player: Rookgaard
Al Dee: On the island of Rookgaard you can gather important experiences to prepare yourself for mainland.
Player: mainland
Al Dee: Have you ever wondered what that 'main' is people are talking about? Well, once you've reached level 8, you should talk to the oracle. You can choose a profession afterwards and explore much more of Tibia.
Player: profession
Al Dee: You will learn everything you need to know about professions once you've reached the Island of Destiny.
Player: Island of Destiny
Al Dee: The Island of Destiny can be reached via the oracle once you are level 8. This trip will help you choose your profession!
Player: Thais
Al Dee: Thais is a crowded town.
Player: academy
Al Dee: The big building in the centre of Rookgaard. They have a library, a training centre, a bank and the room of the oracle. Seymour is the teacher there.
Player: bank
Al Dee: A bank is quite useful. You can deposit your money safely there. This way you don't have to carry it around with you all the time. You could also invest your money in my wares!
Player: oracle
Al Dee: You can find the oracle on the top floor of the academy, just above Seymour. Go there when you are level 8.
Player: temple
Al Dee: The monk Cipfried takes care of our temple. He can heal you if you're badly injured or poisoned.
Player: citizen
Al Dee: If you tell me the name of a citizen, I'll tell you what I know about him or her.
Player: Dallheim or Zerbrus
Al Dee: Some call him a hero. He protects the town from monsters.
Player: Al Dee
Al Dee: Yep, that's me. Smart of you to notice that!
Player: Amber
Al Dee: She's currently recovering from her travels in the academy. It's always nice to chat with her!
Player: Billy
Al Dee: This is a local farmer. If you need fresh food to regain your health, it's a good place to go. He's only trading with premium adventurers though.
Player: Cipfried
Al Dee: He is just an old monk. However, he can heal you if you are badly injured or poisoned.
Player: Dixi
Al Dee: She's Obi's granddaughter and deals with armors and shields. Her shop is south west of town, close to the temple.
Player: Hyacinth
Al Dee: He mostly stays by himself. He's a hermit outside of town - good luck finding him.
Player: Lee'Delle
Al Dee: If you are a premium adventurer, you should check out Lee'Delle's shop. She lives in the western part of town, just across the bridge.
Player: Lily
Al Dee: She sells health potions and antidote potions. Also, she buys blueberries and cookies in case you find any.
Player: Loui
Al Dee: No idea who that is.
Player: Norma
Al Dee: She used to sell equipment, but I think she has opened a small bar now. Talks about changing her name to 'Mary' and such, strange girl.
Player: Obi
Al Dee: He sells weapons. His shop is south west of town, close to the temple.
Player: Paulie
Al Dee: He's the local bank clerk.
Player: Santiago
Al Dee: He dedicated his life to welcome newcomers to this island.
Player: Seymour
Al Dee: Seymour is a teacher running the academy. He has many important information about Tibia.
Player: Tom
Al Dee: He's the local tanner. You could try selling fresh corpses or leather to him.
Player: Willie
Al Dee: This is a local farmer. If you need fresh food to regain your health, it's a good place to go. However, many monsters also carry food such as meat or cheese. Or you could simply pick blueberries.
Player: Zirella
Al Dee: Poor old woman, her son Tom never visits her.
Player: bye
Al Dee: Bye, bye Player.

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