With the Ankrahmun NPCs or in the Ankrahmun Libraries you will listen or read about the Anh'Rah Uthum. The Akh'rah Uthun is the trinity of existence, the three that are one. The Akh, the shell, the Rah, the source of power, and the Uthun, our consciousness, form this union.

The Akh

Is the body, a tool. As long as it is alive it is a burden and source of weakness, but if you ascend to undeath it becomes auseful tool that can be used to work towards greater ends.

The Rah

Its our soul. The Rah is our essence. The divine part in all of us. But it's more than that. It is the divine spark in all of us, the source ofenergy that keeps us alive

The Uthun

The Uthun is the knowledge we gather in the course of time. The Uthun is the part of the trinity that is easiest to form. It consists of our recollections of the past and of our thoughts.It is that which determines who we are in this world and it gives us guidance throughout our existence.


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