Property Value
Est. Length
Level 0
(25+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active


You feel close to the victims of the fever outbreak. Your clothes make you one of them, one poor soul amongst the countless afflicted




Afflicted Outfits and addons
Outfit Afflicted Male Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 3

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Note that you do not need to obtain the required equipment through looting and doing the quest by youself. You may buy the items and simply use them to obtain the outfit and its addons.

This quest may be dependant on a World Change. For more information, see Swamp Fever.

Basic Outfit

Outfit Afflicted Male Outfit Afflicted Female

Required Equipment


These pieces of cloth can be looted from Feverish Citizens wandering Venore streets during special raids. Once you have all pieces, use one of them to obtain the outfit. Note that you must have the pieces of cloth in your inventory to let this work, not in e.g. your Depot chest.

Bell and Mask Addons

Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 3 Outfit Afflicted Female Addon 3

Required Equipment


Loot Medicine Pouches from Swamp Trolls and trade them with Ottokar for Belongings of a Deceased. By using it you have a chance to get a Plague Mask and a Plague Bell. Once you have one of these items, use it to obtain the respective addon. After using both items and thus completing the outfit, you will get the Achievement Beak Doctor.

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