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Your outfit is the part of your character that is displayed to all other players while you are in-game. There is a specific number of outfits that each player can choose from (more for Premium than Free Account players). Each outfit can be personalized by selecting the colors for the different parts of the outfit (hair, legs, torso, feet). You can view your desired outfit in your desired colors on the Outfiter page.


Name Male Outfit Male Addons Female Outfit Female Addons Type Premium
Afflicted Outfits Outfit Afflicted Male Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 3 Outfit Afflicted Female Outfit Afflicted Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Assassin Outfits Outfit Assassin Male Outfit Assassin Male Addon 3 Outfit Assassin Female Outfit Assassin Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Barbarian Outfits Outfit Barbarian Male Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 3 Outfit Barbarian Female Outfit Barbarian Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Beastmaster Outfits Outfit Beastmaster Male Outfit Beastmaster Male Addon 3 Outfit Beastmaster Female Outfit Beastmaster Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Beggar Outfits Outfit Beggar Male Outfit Beggar Male Addon 3 Outfit Beggar Female Outfit Beggar Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Brotherhood Outfits Outfit Brotherhood Male Outfit Brotherhood Male Addon 3 Outfit Brotherhood Female Outfit Brotherhood Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Cave Explorer Outfits Outfit Cave Explorer Male Outfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3 Outfit Cave Explorer Female Outfit Cave Explorer Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Ceremonial Garb Outfits Outfit Ceremonial Garb Male Outfit Ceremonial Garb Male Addon 3 Outfit Ceremonial Garb Female Outfit Ceremonial Garb Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Champion Outfits Outfit Champion Male Outfit Champion Male Addon 3 Outfit Champion Female Outfit Champion Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Chaos Acolyte Outfits Outfit Chaos Acolyte Male Outfit Chaos Acolyte Male Addon 3 Outfit Chaos Acolyte Female Outfit Chaos Acolyte Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Citizen Outfits Outfit Citizen Male Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3 Outfit Citizen Female Outfit Citizen Female Addon 3 Basic Outfits no
Conjurer Outfits Outfit Conjurer Male Outfit Conjurer Male Addon 3 Outfit Conjurer Female Outfit Conjurer Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Crystal Warlord Outfits Outfit Crystal Warlord Male Outfit Crystal Warlord Male Addon 3 Outfit Crystal Warlord Female Outfit Crystal Warlord Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Death Herald Outfits Outfit Death Herald Male Outfit Death Herald Male Addon 3 Outfit Death Herald Female Outfit Death Herald Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Deepling Outfits Outfit Deepling Male Outfit Deepling Male Addon 3 Outfit Deepling Female Outfit Deepling Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Demon Hunter Outfits Outfit Demon Hunter Male Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 3 Outfit Demon Hunter Female Outfit Demon Hunter Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Demon Outfits Outfit Demon Male Outfit Demon Male Addon 3 Outfit Demon Female Outfit Demon Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Dream Warden Outfits Outfit Dream Warden Male Outfit Dream Warden Male Addon 3 Outfit Dream Warden Female Outfit Dream Warden Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Druid Outfits Outfit Druid Male Outfit Druid Male Addon 3 Outfit Druid Female Outfit Druid Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Elementalist Outfits Outfit Elementalist Male Outfit Elementalist Male Addon 3 Outfit Elementalist Female Outfit Elementalist Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Entrepreneur Outfits Outfit Entrepreneur Male Outfit Entrepreneur Male Addon 3 Outfit Entrepreneur Female Outfit Entrepreneur Female Addon 3 Special Outfits yes
Evoker Outfits Outfit Evoker Male Outfit Evoker Male Addon 3 Outfit Evoker Female Outfit Evoker Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Glooth Engineer Outfits Outfit Glooth Engineer Male Outfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3 Outfit Glooth Engineer Female Outfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Hunter Outfits Outfit Hunter Male Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3 Outfit Hunter Female Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3 Basic Outfits no
Insectoid Outfits Outfit Insectoid Male Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3 Outfit Insectoid Female Outfit Insectoid Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Jersey Outfits Outfit Jersey Male Outfit Jersey Male Addon 3 Outfit Jersey Female Outfit Jersey Female Addon 3 Special Outfits yes
Jester Outfits Outfit Jester Male Outfit Jester Male Addon 3 Outfit Jester Female Outfit Jester Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Knight Outfits Outfit Knight Male Outfit Knight Male Addon 3 Outfit Knight Female Outfit Knight Female Addon 3 Basic Outfits no
Mage Outfits Outfit Mage Male Outfit Mage Male Addon 3 Outfit Mage Female Outfit Mage Female Addon 3 Basic Outfits no
Newly Wed Outfits Outfit Newly Wed Male Outfit Newly Wed Male Addon 3 Outfit Newly Wed Female Outfit Newly Wed Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits no
Nightmare Outfits Outfit Nightmare Male Outfit Nightmare Male Addon 3 Outfit Nightmare Female Outfit Nightmare Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Nobleman Outfits Outfit Nobleman Male Outfit Nobleman Male Addon 3 Outfit Nobleman Female Outfit Nobleman Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Norseman Outfits Outfit Norseman Male Outfit Norseman Male Addon 3 Outfit Norseman Female Outfit Norseman Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Oriental Outfits Outfit Oriental Male Outfit Oriental Male Addon 3 Outfit Oriental Female Outfit Oriental Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Pirate Outfits Outfit Pirate Male Outfit Pirate Male Addon 3 Outfit Pirate Female Outfit Pirate Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Puppeteer Outfits Outfit Puppeteer Male Outfit Puppeteer Male Addon 3 Outfit Puppeteer Female Outfit Puppeteer Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Ranger Outfits Outfit Ranger Male Outfit Ranger Male Addon 3 Outfit Ranger Female Outfit Ranger Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Recruiter Outfits Outfit Recruiter Male Outfit Recruiter Male Addon 3 Outfit Recruiter Female Outfit Recruiter Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Rift Warrior Outfits File:Outfit Rift Warrior Male.gif File:Outfit Rift Warrior Male Addon 3.gif File:Outfit Rift Warrior Female.gif File:Outfit Rift Warrior Female Addon 3.gif Quest Outfits yes
Royal Pumpkin Outfits Outfit Royal Pumpkin Male Outfit Royal Pumpkin Male Addon 3 Outfit Royal Pumpkin Female Outfit Royal Pumpkin Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Sea Dog Outfits Outfit Sea Dog Male Outfit Sea Dog Male Addon 3 Outfit Sea Dog Female Outfit Sea Dog Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Seaweaver Outfits Outfit Seaweaver Male Outfit Seaweaver Male Addon 3 Outfit Seaweaver Female Outfit Seaweaver Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Shaman Outfits Outfit Shaman Male Outfit Shaman Male Addon 3 Outfit Shaman Female Outfit Shaman Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Soil Guardian Outfits Outfit Soil Guardian Male Outfit Soil Guardian Male Addon 3 Outfit Soil Guardian Female Outfit Soil Guardian Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Spirit Caller Outfits Outfit Spirit Caller Male Outfit Spirit Caller Male Addon 3 Outfit Spirit Caller Female Outfit Spirit Caller Female Addon 3 Special Outfits no
Summoner Outfits Outfit Summoner Male Outfit Summoner Male Addon 3 Outfit Summoner Female Outfit Summoner Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Warmaster Outfits Outfit Warmaster Male Outfit Warmaster Male Addon 3 Outfit Warmaster Female Outfit Warmaster Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Warrior Outfits Outfit Warrior Male Outfit Warrior Male Addon 3 Outfit Warrior Female Outfit Warrior Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Wayfarer Outfits Outfit Wayfarer Male Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 3 Outfit Wayfarer Female Outfit Wayfarer Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes
Winter Warden Outfits File:Outfit Winter Warden Male.gif File:Outfit Winter Warden Male Addon 3.gif File:Outfit Winter Warden Female.gif File:Outfit Winter Warden Female Addon 3.gif Special Outfits no
Wizard Outfits Outfit Wizard Male Outfit Wizard Male Addon 3 Outfit Wizard Female Outfit Wizard Female Addon 3 Premium Outfits yes
Yalaharian Outfits Outfit Yalaharian Male Outfit Yalaharian Male Addon 3 Outfit Yalaharian Female Outfit Yalaharian Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes

Basic Outfits

These outfits were designed to represent the four different vocations. Therefore, some outfits are more appropriate based upon your chosen vocation. Any player can select any of the standard outfits to use. Addons are only available to Premium Account players.

Premium Outfits

Seven additional male outfits and seven additional female outfits are only for Premium Account players. They are available at once.

Special Outfits

  • The Entrepreneur Outfits and addons could be obtained in a special offer from CipSoft to those players who bought 90, 180, or 360 days worth of premium time from February 1st until February 15th 2012.
    • Basic outfit - 90 days
    • Basic with addon 1 - 180 days
    • Full outfit - 360 days.
  • The Jersey Outfits lacks addons and was available from June 6th until July 21st, 2014. This outfit could be worn by any character with active premium time. It was implemented to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014 and was supposed to be taken away at the end of the games. CipSoft decided to extend the time frame with one week after the winner was announced to be Germany.

Basic outfits and separate addon sets can be bought only for few first weeks, however, full outfits stay in the offer forever.

Keep in mind that if you have bought one of addons or basic outfit, in order to get full outfit, you will still have to pay its full price, therefore it's advised to get full versions in the first place as the price difference is very small.

Pricing strategies

Quest Outfits

Some outfits can only be chosen after completing certain Quests. Needless to say, only players with a Premium Account can start the quests for these outfits (besides the Newly Wed Outfits, which Free Account players can also obtain).

Outfit Addons

Every Premium Account player will be able to obtain addons for their outfit. Some of them can be purchased, but most of them must be obtained as part of a quest. Each outfit has 2 different addons that can be obtained. Although there is a 3rd addon selection in the 'Set Outfit' menu, there are no outfits that have 3 addons at the moment (that we know of).

Addons do not affect your character's skills. They are only for decoration. The primary benefit of outfit addons is the ability to show off to other players.

To learn more about the different outfit addons, check the pages for each outfit.

Because outfit add-ons are obtained in quests, it is considered quest spoiling to post information about them. For more information on obtaining outfit addons, see the list of Quests.


See Mounts.

Old Outfits

With Updates/7.0, "eight individual male and female character outfits" were introduced. With Updates/7.2, three male and three female premium outfits were added. Those outfits can be seen below. The names are assumptions (based on names of current outfits) because back in those days you could not see the outfit name when choosing your outfit. With Updates/7.8, all of these outfits received addons. Some players like the old outfits very much and think back with nostalgia of those days. Before the Client 7.0 there were even older outfits which were not animated.

Free Account Outfits


Citizen Outfits Male: Outfit Citizen Male (Old) Female: Outfit Citizen Female (Old)
Hunter Outfits Male: Outfit Hunter Male (Old) Female: Outfit Hunter Female (Old)
Knight Outfits Male: Outfit Knight Male (Old) Female: Outfit Knight Female (Old)
Mage Outfits Male: Outfit Mage Male (Old) Female: Outfit Mage Female (Old)

Premium Outfits


Noble(wo)man Outfits Male: Outfit Nobleman Male (Old) Female: Outfit Nobleman Female (Old)
Summoner Outfits Male: Outfit Summoner Male (Old) Female: Outfit Summoner Female (Old)
Warrior Outfits Male: Outfit Warrior Male (Old) Female: Outfit Warrior Female (Old)

Oldest Outfits

Updates/3.0 (?) until Updates/7.0

Outfit 1 Male: Outfit Old Male
Outfit 2 Male: Old Outfit

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