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List of Achievements

Name Grade Points Related Articles Spoiler Description
Afraid of no Ghost! 1 2 Spectulus, Ghost, Nightstalker, Souleater Obtainable by completing the Spirithunters Quest. You passed their test and helped the Spirithunters testing equipment, researching the supernatural and catching ghosts - it's you they're gonna call.
Allow Cookies? 1 2 Exploding Cookie, What a Foolish Quest Obtainable by delivering Exploding Cookies to Avar Tar, Simon the Beggar, Ariella, Lorbas, Markwin, Hjaern, Wyda, Hairycles and Orc King during What a Foolish Quest - Mission 10 - A Sweet Surprise. It is not necessary to deliver an exploding cookie to Yaman or Nah'Bob in order to get this achievement. With a perfectly harmless smile you fooled all of those wisecrackers into eating your exploding cookies. Consider a boy or girl scout outfit next time to make the trick even better.
Allowance Collector 1 2 Piggy Bank, Broken Piggy Bank Obtainable by breaking 50 Piggy Banks. You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain.
Alumni 2 6 Outfits, Mage Outfits, Summoner Outfits Obtainable by getting both addons of the male Mage Outfit or female Summoner Outfit. You're considered a first-rate graduate of the Magic Academy in Edron due to your pioneering discoveries and successful studies in the field of experimental magic and spell development. Ever considered teaching the Armageddon spell?
Amateur Actor 1 2 The Thieves Guild Quest, Theatre Script Obtainable by completing Mission 4 of The Thieves Guild Quest. You helped bringing Princess Buttercup, Doctor Dumbness and Lucky the Wonder Dog to life - and will probably dream of them tonight, since you memorised your lines perfectly. What a .. special piece of.. screenplay.
Animal Activist 1 2 Baby Seal Obtainable by doing mission 3 of The Ice Islands Quest AND handing in the Tortoise Egg from Nargor to Duncan as part of the Meriana Quest. Note: If you did both these missions before Update 8.6 and still haven't received the achievement, kill some Huskies in Svargrond and then pay your fine to Iskan. You have a soft spot for little, weak animals, and you do everything in your power to protect them - even if you probably eat dragons for breakfast.
Annihilator 2 5 The Annihilator Quest Obtainable by finishing The Annihilator Quest. You've daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward.
Arachnoise 1 1 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Bloodweb Obtainable by slaying Bloodweb. You've shattered each of Bloodweb's eight frozen legs. As they say: break a leg, and then some more.
Archpostman 1 3 Postal Service Headquarters Obtainable by finishing The Postman Missions Quest. Delivering letters and parcels has always been a secret passion of yours, and now you can officially put on your blue hat, blow your post horn and do what you like to do most. Beware of dogs!
Aristocrat 2 4 Outfits, Nobleman Outfits Obtainable by getting both addons of Nobleman Outfits. You begin your day by bathing in your pot of gold and you don't mind showing off your wealth while strolling the streets in your best clothes - after all it's your hard-earned money! You prefer to be addressed with 'Your Highness'.
Ashes to Dust 2 4 Blessed Wooden Stake, Slain Demon, Slain Vampire, Skinning Obtainable by using blessed wooden stake 500 times successfully on slain demons and/or slain vampires. Staking vampires and demons has almost turned into your profession. You make sure to gather even the tiniest amount of evil dust particles. Beware of silicosis.
Askarak Nemesis 1 1 Askarak Prince Obtainable by killing 100 Askarak Prince. You are now the royal archfiend of the Askarak, prince slayer.
Baby Sitter 1 1 Demon's Lullaby, Demon Infant, Demon Mother Obtainable by successfully taking care of a Demon Infant during the Demon's Lullaby event. You have cheered up a demon baby and returned it to its mother. A quick count of your fingers will reveal if you made it through unharmed.
Back from the Dead 1 2 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Zanakeph Obtainable by slaying Zanakeph. You overcame the undead Zanakeph and sent him back into the darkness that spawned him.
Back into the Abyss 1 1 Paw and Fur Society, Thul Obtainable by slaying Thul. You've cut off a whole lot of tentacles today. Thul was driven back to where he belongs.
Backpack Tourist 1 1 Sam, Old and Used Backpack, Dwarven Armor, Sam's Old Backpack Quest Obtainable by giving back to Sam his old backpack (Sam's Old Backpack Quest). If someone lost a random thing in a random place, you're probably a good person to ask and go find it, even if you don't know what and where.
Bad Timing 1 2 Secret Agent Tools Obtainable by jamming a secret agent tool 10 times. Tip: the fastest way to achieve this, is by putting your tool on a hotkey and then setting it to be used on yourself. This way you'll only have to keep that hotkey pressed down until the achievement pops up. Argh! Not now! How is it that those multifunctional tools never fail when you're using them for something completely trivial like squeezing juice, but mess up when you desperately need to climb up a rope spot with a fire-breathing dragon chasing you?
Bane of the Hive 1 2 Hive, Insectoid Outfits Obtainable by collecting the second Insectoid Outfits addon. Countless fights and never tiring effort in the war against the hive grant you the experience to finish your outfit with the last remaining part. Your chitin outfit is a testament of your skills and dedication for the cause.
Banebringers' Bane 1 2 Bewitched, Creature Products Obtainable by throwing 50 ingredients into the witches cauldron during the Bewitched event. You sacrificed a lot of ingredients to create the protective brew of the witches and played a significant part in the efforts to repel the dreaded banebringers. The drawback is that even the banebringers may take notice of you ...
Beach Tamer 1 2 Marina Obtainable by completing The Mermaid Marina Quest. You re-enacted the Taming of the Shrew on a beach setting and proved that you can handle capricious girls quite well. With or without fish tails.
Beak Doctor 2 4 Outfits, Afflicted Outfits Obtainable by getting both addons of Afflicted Outfits. You significantly helped the afflicted citizens of Venore in times of dire need. Somehow you still feel close to the victims of the fever outbreak. Your clothes make you one of them, one poor soul amongst the countless afflicted.
Bearbaiting 1 1 Slingshot, Bear, War Bear Obtained by taming a Bear. Hunter's greeting! Your skillful use of the slingshot actually stunned a large bear. The creature is slightly dazed, but seems susceptible to your commands. Let's declare open season on all our foes!
Bearhugger 1 1 Sleeping Bear, Barbarian Test Quest Obtainable by completing the second mission in the Barbarian Test Quest. Warm, furry and cuddly - though that same bear you just hugged would probably rip you into pieces if he had been conscious, he reminded you of that old teddy bear which always slept in your bed when you were still small.
Beautiful Agony 1 2 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Ethershreck Obtainable by slaying Ethershreck. Ethershreck's cry of agony kept ringing in your ear for hours after he had dissolved into thin air. He probably moved to another plane of existence... for a while.
Becoming a Bigfoot 1 1 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Gnomes Obtainable by completing the Recruitment mission in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. You did it! You convinced the reclusive gnomes to accept you as one of their Bigfoots. Now you are ready to help them. With big feet big missions seen to come.
Beneath the Sea 1 3 Foxtail, Manta Ray, Manta Ray (Mount) Obtained by taming a Manta Ray. Not really twenty thousand miles, but you had to dive a fair way beneath the sea to find your personal Manta Ray.
Berry Picker 2 4 Annual Autumn Vintage, Bunch of Winterberries Obtainable by contributing for 3 years in the Annual Autumn Vintage world event. The Combined Magical Winterberry Society hereby honours continued selfless dedication and extraordinary efforts in the Annual Autumn Vintage.
Berserker (Achievement) 1 3 Berserk Potion Obtainable by drinking 100 Berserk Potions . RAWR! Strength running through your body, your heart racing faster and adrenaline fueling your every weapon swing. All in a little bottle. No refund for destroyed furniture. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer.
Bibby's Bloodbath 1 1 Mini World Changes, Warpatch, Bibby Bloodbath Obtainable by killing Bibby Bloodbath. You lend a helping hand in defeating invading Orcs by destroying their warcamp along with their leader. Bibby's personal bloodbath...
Biodegradable 1 1 Shimmer Swimmer, Twisted Waters World Change, Lake Equivocolao Obtainable by fishing 50 Shimmer Swimmers. You caught fifty rare shimmer swimmers. Getting rid of all those corpses by dumping them into the lake really was worth it, wasn't it? Wait, didn't something move in the water just now...?
Blacknailed 1 1 The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest, Nail Case, Gravedigger, The Hellgrip Obtained by taming a Gravedigger. Well, you can rest your nailcase now. This gravedigger's fingernails are nice and clean. Though after the next hellride, you might not want to let it hand any food to you.
Blessed! 1 2 Blessed Wooden Stake Obtainable by finishing The Blessed Stake Quest.
Note: you don't need to obtain a second blessed wooden stake from Chondur: just speak with him about it until he says "(...) Listen, child, if you bring me a wooden stake, I'll bless it for you. <chuckles>".
You travelled the world for an almost meaningless prayer - but at least you don't have to do that again and can get a new blessed stake in the blink of an eye.
Blood-Red Snapper 1 1 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, The Snapper Obtainable by slaying The Snapper. You've tainted the jungle floor with the Snapper's crimson blood.
Bluebarian 1 2 Blueberry Bush, Blueberry Obtainable by using Blueberry Bushes 500 times. You live the life of hunters and gatherers. Well, especially that of a gatherer, and especially of one who gathers lots of blueberries. Have you checked the colour of your tongue lately?
Bone Brother 1 1 Dreamer's Challenge Quest, Brotherhood of Bones, Brotherhood of Bones Outfits Quest Obtainable by joining to the Brotherhood of Bones in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest. You've joined the undead bone brothers - making death your enemy and your weapon as well. Devouring what's weak and leaving space for what's strong is your primary goal.
Breaking the Ice 1 1 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Shardhead Obtainable by slaying Shardhead. You almost made friends with Shardhead... before he died. Poor guy only seems to attract violence with his frosty attitude.
Brutal Politeness 2 6 Outfits, Barbarian Outfits Obtainable by getting both addons of Barbarian Outfits. What is best in life? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to maybe have a nice cup of tea afterwards.
Bunny Slipped 1 2 Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest, Fake Rabbit's Foot Obtainable by completing Rottin Wood's daily task Lucky Loop, by giving 7 fake rabbit's feet to Rottin Wood. Indeed, you have a soft spot for rabbits. Maybe the rabbits you saved today will be the rabbits that will save you tomorrow. When you are really hungry.
Buried the Baron 1 1 Dangerous Depths Quest Obtainable by defeating The Baron From Below in the Dangerous Depths Quest. You defeated the Baron from Below and destroyed his lava pump!
Cake Conqueror 1 1 A Piece of Cake Obtainable during A Piece of Cake by stepping on a spot where cake was already eaten. You have bravely stepped onto the cake isle. Is there any more beautiful, tasty place to be in the whole world?
Call Me Sparky 1 1 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Crystalcrusher Obtainable by completing the Spark Hunting mission of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Admittedly you enjoyed the killing as usual. But the part with the sparks still gives you shivers ... or is it that there is some charge left on you?
Cartography 101 1 2 Adventurers' Guild, Cartography 101 Quest Obtained by finishing the Cartography 101 Quest. You succeeded in finding and charting several previously unexplored landmarks and locations for the Adventurer's Guild, you probably never need to ask anyone for the way - do you?
Castlemania 2 5 Julius' Map, Vampire Lord Token, Blood Skull, Blood Goblet, Old Piece of Paper Obtainable by finishing the Blood Brothers Quest, marking all 8 spots on Julius' Map, finishing the Vampire Hunter Quest, picking up the Blood Skull, Blood Goblet and all missing diary pages (6 pieces).
Note: You can redo your map by saying map, then yes to Julius.
You have an eye for suspicious places and love to read other people's diaries, especially those with vampire stories in it. You're also a dedicated token collector and explorer. Respect!
Cave Completionist 1 2 Cave Explorer Outfits, Spike Tasks Quest Obtain the Cave Explorer Outfits and both of its addons. You have helped the gnomes of the spike in securing the caves and explored enough of the lightles depths to earn you a complete cave explorers outfit. Well done!
Champion of Chazorai 2 4 Chazorai, Isle of Strife Obtainable by finishing mission 9 of The New Frontier Quest. You won the merciless 2 vs. 2 team tournament on the Isle of Strife and wiped out wave after wave of fearsome opponents. Death or victory - you certainly chose the latter.
Chequered Teddy 1 1 Bamboo Leaves, Music Box, Panda, Tamed Panda Obtained by taming a Panda. Don't let its fluffy appearance deceive you. The panda is a creature of the wild. It will take you to the most distant regions of Tibia, always in hopes of a little bamboo to nibble on or to check on a possible mate.
Chest Robber 1 1 Mini World Changes, Nomad (Basic), Nomad (Blue), Nomad (Female) Obtainable for picking treasures from 3 different Nomad camps during Nomads Mini World Change. You've discovered three nomad camps and stole their supplies. Well, you can probably use them better then they can.
Chitin Bane 2 4 Hive Obtainable through repeating Dissolved Chitin task 100 times. You have become competent and efficient in gathering the substance that is needed to fight the hive. You almost smell like dissolved chitin and the Hive Born would tell their children scary stories about you if they could speak.
Choking on Her Venom 1 1 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, The Old Widow Obtainable by slaying The Old Widow. The Old Widow fell prey to your supreme hunting skills.
Chorister 1 1 Music Sheet, Cults, Piano Obtainable by learning all four Music Sheets. Lalalala... you now know the cult's hymn sung in Liberty Bay by heart. Not that hard, considering that it mainly consists of two notes and repetitive lyrics.
Clay Fighter 1 3 Clay Lump Obtainable by making a Pretty Clay Statue from a Clay Lump. You love getting your hands wet and dirty - and covered with clay. Your perfect sculpture of Brog, the raging Titan is your true masterpiece.
Clay to Fame 2 6 Clay Lump Obtainable by making five Pretty Clay Statues from Clay Lumps. Sculpting Brog, the raging Titan, is your secret passion. Numerous perfect little clay statues with your name on them can be found everywhere around Tibia.
Cobbled and Patched 2 6 Makeshift Warrior Outfits, Plan for a Makeshift Armour, Crude Wood Planks, Tinged Pot Obtainable by getting both addons of Makeshift Warrior Outfits. Exploring the depths of Tibia can be a dangerous task. Surprisingly, some crude wood planks, rusty nails and a tinged pot can offer a sufficient protection against the creatures lurking in the deep.
Cocoon of Doom 1 3 Devovorga Obtainable by doing damage to a Bloom of Doom during the Rise of Devovorga World Quest. You helped bringing Devovorga's dangerous tentacles and her humongous cocoon down - not stopping her transformation, but ultimately completing a crucial step to her death.
Cold as Ice 2 6 Ice Cube, Obsidian Knife, Ice Mammoth, Ice Sculptor Obtainable by sculpting 10 Ice Mammoths from Ice Cubes by using an Obsidian Knife on them. Take an ice cube and an obsidian knife and you'll very likely shape something really pretty from it. Mostly cute little mammoths, which are a hit with all the girls.
Combo Master 1 1 Oramond Quest Obtained by finishing at least 10 consecutive Combinatorics tasks perfectly in the Oramond Quest. You accomplished 10 or more consecutive chains in a row! That's killing at least 39 creatures in the correct order - now that's combinatorics!
Commitment Phobic 1 2 Marriage Obtainable by getting a divorce 3 times. Note: You have to file for divorce yourself in order to obtain the achievement. Longterm relationships are just not for you. And each time you think you're in love, you're proven wrong shortly afterwards. Or maybe you just end up with the wrong lover each time - exploited and betrayed. Staying single might just be better.
Confusion 1 3 Hive Obtainable by repeating Destroy The Hive Crystals 50 times. The destruction you have caused by now can be felt throughout the whole hive. The mayhem that follows your step caused significant confusion in the consciousness of the hive.
Contender 1 3 Cyclopedia Obtainable by unlocking 10 medium monsters in the Cyclopedia. You have fully unlocked 10 medium monsters in the cyclopedia.
Cookie Monster 1 1 Cookie Obtainable by baking Cookies 20 times. You can easily be found by anyone if they just follow the cookie crumb trail. And for you, true love means to give away your last cookie.
Corruption Contained 2 5 Cults of Tibia Quest Obtainable by finishing the Cults of Tibia Quest. You have managed to stall the worst incursion of corruption. Still this is just one battle won in an all out war for your world.
Crawling Death 1 1 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Fleshcrawler Obtainable by slaying Fleshcrawler. You ripped the ancient scarab Fleshcrawler apart and made sure he didn't get under your skin.
Crystal Clear 1 3 Outfits, Crystal Warlord Outfits Obtainable by completing the Crystal Warlord Outfits. If the gnomes had told you that crystal armor is see-through you had probably changed your underwear in time.
Crystal Keeper 1 1 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Crystal Obtainable by completing the Crystal Keeper mission of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. So you repaired the light of some crystals for those gnomes. What's next? Sitting a week in a mushroom bed as a temporary mushroom?
Crystals in Love 1 1 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Crystal Obtainable by completing the matchmaker mission of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. You brought two loving crystals together. Perhaps they might even name one of their children after you. Too bad you forgot to leave your calling card.
Culinary Master 2 4 Jean Pierre Obtainable by cooking all the dishes in Hot Cuisine Quest twice.

Note for old characters: You need to cook the 4 new dishes introduced in the Summer Update 2010 twice and cook the previous 10 again if you did that before the update in order to get this achievement.

Simple hams and bread merely make you laugh. You're the master of the extra-ordinaire, melter of cheese, fryer of bat wings and shaker of shakes. Delicious!
Cursed! 1 3 The Noxious Spawn Obtainable by getting cursed by the Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'. The wrath of the Noxious Spawn - you accidentally managed to incur it. Your days are counted and your death inevitable. Sometime. Someplace.
Daring Trespasser 1 3 Devovorga Obtainable by entering Devovorga's lair on Vengoth, during the Rise of Devovorga Quest. You've entered the lair of Devovorga and joined the crew trying to take her down - whether crowned with success or not doesn't matter, but they can't blame you for not trying!
Dark Voodoo Priest 1 2 Voodoo Doll Obtainable by using dworc Voodoo Doll on someone till bloodhit. Sinister curses, evil magic - you don't shy away from punishing others by questionable means. Someone just gave you a strange look - now where's that needle again?
Dazzler 1 3 Hive Obtainable through repeating Antenna Blinding task 50 times. In the war against the hive, your efforts in blinding it begin to pay off. Your actions have blinded the hive severely and the entity seems to become aware that something dangerous is happening.
Death Song 1 3 Deepling Spellsinger Obtainable by killing 300 Deepling Spellsingers. You hushed the songs of war in the black depths by sliencing more than three hundred Deepling Spellsingers.
Death from Below 1 2 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzone 3, Abyssador Obtained after opening the treasure chest of Abyssador for the first time after slaying it. The face of the enemy is unmasked. You have encountered one of 'those below' and survived. More than that, you managed to kill the beast and prove once and for all that the enemy can be beaten.
Death in the Depths 1 2 Dangerous Depths Quest Obtained by killing all three bosses from Warzone 4, Warzone 5 and Warzone 6. The Baron from Below, Duke of the Depths and the Count of the Core are no more!
Death on Strike 2 4 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzone 1, Deathstrike Obtainable by opening Deathstrike's chest 50 times. Again and again Deathstrike has fallen to your prowess. Perhaps it's time for people calling YOU Deathstrike from now on.
Deep Sea Diver 2 4 Walking, Underwater Obtainable by walking 1,000,000 steps underwater. Confirmed working tiles are Ocean Floor, underwater Marble Floor and underwater Sandstone Floor. Lava crack tiles in the Sea Serpent Area are not counted, as those are also used on land. Under the sea - might not be your natural living space, but you're feeling quite comfortable on the ocean floor. Quara don't scare you anymore and sometimes you sleep with your helmet of the deep still equipped.
Deer Hunt 1 1 White Deer, Overhunting Obtainable by killing 400 White Deer (enraged or desperate). You managed to kill more than four hundred white deer - it looks like you are one of the main reasons they will soon be considered extinct, way to go!
Demonbane 2 6 Outfits, Demon Hunter Outfits Obtainable by getting both addons of Demon Hunter Outfits. You don't carry that stake just for decoration - you're prepared to use it. Usually you're seen hightailing through the deepest dungeons leaving a trail of slain demons. Whoever dares stand in your way should prepare to die.
Demonic Barkeeper 1 3 Concentrated Demonic Blood Obtainable by shaking 250 Concentrated Demonic Blood. Thick, red - shaken, not stirred - and with a straw in it: that's the way you prefer your demon blood. Served with an onion ring, the subtle metallic aftertaste is almost not noticeable. Beneficial effects on health or mana are welcome.
Depth Dwellers 1 3 Deeplings, Deepling Warrior Obtainable by killing 300 Deepling Warriors. By eliminating at least three hundred Deepling Warriors you delivered quite a blow to the amassing armies of the deep.
Desert Fisher 1 1 Mini World Changes, Sandfish Obtainable for fishing a Sandfish during River Runs Deep Mini World Change. You managed to catch a fish in a surrounding that usually doesn't even carry water. Everything is subject to change, probably...
Devovorga's Nemesis 2 5 Rise of Devovorga, Devovorga Obtainable by significantly contributing to the battle with Devovorga during the Rise of Devovorga World Quest. One special hero among many. This year - it was you. Devovorga withdrew in a darker realm because she could not withstand your power - and that of your comrades. Time will tell if the choice you made was good - but for now, it saved your world.
Diplomatic Immunity 2 4 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzone 3, Abyssador Obtainable by opening Abyssador's chest 50 times. You killed the ambassador of the abyss that often that they might consider sending another one. Perhaps that will one day stop further intrusions.
Do Not Disturb 1 1 House, Windows Obtainable by closing house windows 100 times. Urgh! Close the windows! Shut out the sun rearing its ugly yellow head, shut out the earsplitting laughter of your neighbour's corpulent children. Ahhh. Embrace sweet darkness and silence.
Doctor! Doctor! 1 2 Medicine Pouch, Ottokar, Venore Poor House Obtainable by delivering 100 Medicine Pouches to Ottokar in Venore Poor House. Did someone call a doctor? You delivered 100 medicine bags to Ottokar of the Venore poor house in times of dire need, well done!
Dog Sitter 1 1 Mini World Changes, Noodles, Rain Castle Obtainable by finding the King's dog Noodles during the Noodles is Gone Mini World Change. You showed Noodles the way home. How long will it take this time until he's on the loose again? That dog must be really bored in the throne room by now.
Down the Drain 1 2 Mini World Changes, Water Elemental Obtainable for killing 50 water elementals in Outlaw Camp/Water Elemental Dungeon during Down the Drain Mini World Change. You've found a secret dungeon in the flooded plains and killed several of its inhabitants. And now you have wet feet.
Dragon Mimicry 1 2 Decorative Ribbon, Music Box, Dragonling, Dragonling (Mount) Obtained by taming a Dragonling. It's not really a dragon, but rather a kind of chimera. Nonetheless a decent mount to impress any passer-by.
Dread Lord 3 8 Brotherhood of Bones Obtainable by getting the rank of Dread Lord of the Brotherhood of Bones faction in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest. You don't care for rules that others set up and shape the world to your liking. Having left behind meaningless conventions and morals, you prize only the power you wield. You're a master of your fate and battle to cleanse the world.
Dream's Over 1 1 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Tormentor Obtainable by slaying Tormentor. No more fear and bad dreams. You stabbed Tormentor to death with its scythe leg.
Dream Warden 2 5 Outfits, Dream Warden Outfits Obtained by getting the Dream Warden Outfits with both addons. It doesn't matter what noise you would hear... dream, nightmare, illusion - there is nothing you can't vanquish. You are a true Dream Warden.
Dream Wright 1 1 Shimmying Butterfly, Roshamuul Quest Obtained by completing and reporting the Mend What's Broken task 34 times as part of the Roshamuul Quest. You have mended many a broken dream and so, the dream of Roshamuul is safely being told over and over again.
Duked It Out 1 1 Dangerous Depths Quest Obtainable by defeating The Duke Of The Depths in the Dangerous Depths Quest. You defeated the Duke of the Depths and destroyed his lava pump!
Dungeon Cleaner 1 3 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzones Obtainable by clearing the first 3 Warzones. Seen it all. Done it all. Your unstoppable force swept through the dungeons and you vanquished their masters. Not to forget the precious loot you took! Now stop reading this and continue hunting! Time is money after all!
Efreet Ally 1 3 Efreet, Green Djinn, Malor Obtainable by finishing The Djinn War - Efreet Faction. Even though the Efreet welcomed you only reluctantly and viewed you as "only a human" for quite some time, you managed to impress Malor and gained his respect and trade options with the green djinns.
Elementary, My Dear 1 1 Oramond Quest, Dr Merlay, Pint of Glooth, Roswitha Obtainable by drinking a Pint of Glooth and accessing Dr Merlay's hideout during Dr Merlay's Misery Task in the Oramond Quest. Through the spirit of science and exploration, you have discovered how to enter the secret hideout of the renowned Dr Merlay.
Elite Hunter 2 5 Paw and Fur Society Obtainable by getting the rank of Elite Hunter in the Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Ranks. You jump at every opportunity for a hunting challenge that's offered to you and carry out those tasks with deadly precision. You're a hunter at heart and a valuable member of the Paw & Fur Society.
Ender of the End 2 5 Otherworld Complete the Heart of Destruction Quest. You have entered the heart of destruction and valiantly defeated the world devourer. By your actions you have postponed the end of the world — at least for a while.
Ending the Horror 1 2 Retching Horror, Roshamuul Obtained by finishing the mission A Retched Beginning during the Roshamuul Quest. You have cleansed the lands of many retching horrors. You sure know how to end a bad dream: forcefully, that's how!
Enter zze Draken! 1 2 Killing in the Name of... Quest, Paw and Fur Society, Paiz the Pauperizer Obtainable by slaying Paiz the Pauperizer. You gave zzze draken a tazte of your finizzzing move.
Exemplary Citizen 2 4 Outfits, Citizen Outfits Obtainable by getting both addons of Citizen Outfits. Every city should be proud to call someone like you its inhabitant. You're keeping the streets clean and help settling the usual disputes in front of the depot. Also, you probably own a cat and like hiking.
Explorer 2 4 Explorer's Society Obtainable by completing the second explorer's mission, The Spectral Dress, in The Explorer Society Quest. You've been to places most people don't even know the names of. Collecting botanic, zoologic and ectoplasmic samples is your daily business and you're always prepared to discover new horizons.
Exquisite Taste 1 2 Ice Fishing, Fishing Rod, Pick Obtainable by catching 250 fish through Ice Fishing. You love fish - but preferably those caught in the cold north. Even though they're hard to come by you never get tired of picking holes in ice sheets and hanging your fishing rod in.
Exterminator 2 4 Hive Obtainable through repeating Kollos Killing task 100 times Efficient and lethal, you have gained significant experience in fighting the elite forces of the hive. Almost single-handed, you have slain the best of the Hive Born and live to tell the tale.
Extreme Degustation 1 2 Chartan, Zao Obtainable by making the Daily Task of Children of the Revolution Quest Collect. Almost all the plants you tested for Chartan in Zao where inedible - you tasted them all, yet you're still standing! You should really get some fresh air now, though.
Eye of the Deep 1 1 Dronk, Groam, Sunken Mines Obtainable by killing Groam. You didn't look into it - at least not for too long... but Groam did. And you relieved him. Just don't tell his friend Dronk.
Fabled Construction 1 3 Hero of Rathleton Quest, Glooth Glider Obtained by building a Glooth Glider. Finding all the pieces to this complicated vehicle was one kind of a challenge. However, what you built in the end is rather a fabled than a feeble construction.
Fairy Teasing 1 1 Feyrist, Dancing Fairy (Object), Sparkles Make 100 Dancing Fairies disappear by using them (Doooon't touch me! *puff*). Teasing fairies is fun. They leave behind such pretty clouds of glittering dust when chased. Just hope they don't get you back for it.
Fall of the Fallen 2 4 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzone 2, Gnomevil Obtainable by opening Gnomevil's reward chest 50 times. Have you ever wondered how he reappears again and again? You only care for the loot, do you? Gotcha!
Fata Morgana 1 2 Fist on a Stick, Dromedary, Dromedary (Mount) Obtained by taming a Dromedary. There are many delusions and phantasms in the desert. You saw a false oasis with fruit-bearing palm trees. Instead of water and refreshment, however, you found a dromedary in the end. What a useful Fata Morgana!
Final Strike 1 2 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzone 1, Deathstrike Obtained after opening the treasure chest of Deathstrike for the first time after slaying it. The mighty Deathstrike is dead! One legend is dead and you're on your way to become one yourself.
Fire Devil (Achievement) 1 3 Bewitched, Dry Piece of Wood Obtainable by using 100 Dry Pieces of Wood on the slide of the Bewitched event. Note: you don't have to add your Dry Pieces of Wood during the event itself to gain the achievement. To keep the witches' fire burning, you trashed a lot of the wood the bane bringers animated. Some might find your fascination for fire ... disturbing.
Fire Lighter 1 1 Bewitched, Dry Piece of Wood Obtainable by using one Dry Piece of Wood on the slide during the Bewitched event. You have helped to keep the witches fire burning. Just watch your fingers, it's hot!
Fire from the Earth 1 2 Mini World Changes, Goroma, Hellgore Obtainable for killing 50 fiery creatures in and on the Hellgore volcano during the Fire from the Earth Mini World Change. You've survived the Hellgorge eruption and found a way through the flames and lava. You've even managed to kill a few fireborn on the way.
Firefighter 1 2 Shadowthorn, Thornfire World Change Obtained by extinguishing 500 fires during the Thornfire world change. You extinguished 500 thornfires! You were there when the Firestarters took over Shadowthorn. You saved the day - and the home of some elves which will try to kill you nonetheless. Isn't it nice to see everything restored just as it was before..?
Firewalker 2 4 Fire, Firewalker Boots This achievement can be gotten by walking 1,000,000 tiles on fire while wearing Firewalker Boots. Note that any type of fire field will work for this achievement (even player-made ones) as long as the fields inflict damage for the boots to block. Running barefoot across ember is not for you! You do it the elegant way. Yet, you're kind of drawn to fire and warm surroundings in general - you like it hot!
Fireworks in the Sky 1 2 Fireworks Rocket Obtainable by using 250 Fireworks Rockets on the floor (doesn't count if used in your backpack/container). You love the moment right before your rocket takes off and explodes into beautiful colours - not only on new year's eve!
Follower of Azerus 2 4 Yalahar, Yalahari, Azerus Obtainable by completing mission 9 In Service of Yalahar Quest when you follow all of Yalahari (NPC)'s instructions.
Note: If you finish one or some missions by following Palimuth's instructions you will get the Turncoat achievement instead.
When you do something, you do it right. You have an opinion and you stand by it - and no one will be able to convince you otherwise. On a sidenote, you're a bit on the brutal and war-oriented side, but that's not a bad thing, is it?
Follower of Palimuth 2 4 Yalahar, Palimuth Obtainable by completing mission 9 of In Service of Yalahar Quest when you follow all of Palimuth's instructions.
Note: If you finish one or some missions by following Yalahari (NPC)'s instructions you will get the Turncoat achievement instead.
You're a peacekeeper and listen to what the small people have to say. You've made up your mind and know who to help and for which reasons - and you do it consistently. Your war is fought with reason rather than weapons.
Fool at Heart 1 3 Outfits, Jester Outfits, Bozo Obtainable by getting both addons of Jester Outfits. And remember: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.
Forbidden Fruit (Achievement) 1 1 Forgotten Knowledge Quest, Thorn Knight Obtained by eating a Forbidden Fruit. You could not resist the taste of the forbidden fruit. Since you don't feel changed at all, it couldn't have been that bad after all. Or could it?
Forbidden Knowledge 1 1 Forgotten Knowledge Quest, The Last Lore Keeper Obtained by using a Key to Knowledge on a Forbidden Tome. This won't work if you have never eaten a Forbidden Fruit. Perhaps with so much acquired knowledge, never meant for you, you know even when to stop! Time will tell whether this knowledge will do more harm or good.
Fountain of Life 1 1 Fountain, Pits of Inferno Obtainable by drinking from the fountain of life in pits of inferno's entrance here. You found and took a sip from the Fountain of Life. Thought it didn't grant you eternal life, you feel changed and somehow at peace.
Free Items! 1 3 Crate (Usable) Obtainable after getting 50 items from Crates. Yay! Finders keepers, losers weepers! Who cares where all that stuff came from and if you had to crawl through garbage piles to get it? It's FREE!
Fried Shrimp 1 2 Giant Shrimp, Crustacea Gigantica, Titanica Obtained by taming a Crustacea Gigantica. This must be underwater love - this enormous crustacean now does thy bidding. Or maybe it's just in it for a little more of that shrimp barbecue, as that's a little hard to come by in the sea.
Friend of Elves 1 1 Golden Fir Cone, Music Box, White Deer, Enraged White Deer, Kingly Deer Obtained by taming an Enraged White Deer. Kingly deer mostly prefer elves as friends and familiars. This one, however, decided to favour you as a confidant and rider. Well done!
Friend of the Apes 2 4 Hairycles, Banuta, Apes Obtainable by finishing The Ape City Quest. You know Banuta like the back of your hand and are good at destroying caskets and urns. The sight of giant footprints doesn't keep you from exploring unknown areas either.
Funghitastic 1 3 Outfits, Soil Guardian Outfits Obtainable by completing the Soil Guardian Outfits. Finally your dream to become a walking mushroom has come true ... No, wait a minute!
Gatherer 1 2 Hive Obtainable through repeating Dissolved Chitin task 10 times. By killing creatures of the hive and gaining weapons for further missions, you started a quite effective way of war. You gathered a lot of dissolved chitin to resupply the war effort.
Gear Up 1 3 Control Unit, Walker, Walker (Mount) Obtained by taming a Walker. Installing that control unit was a no-brainer. Now you're in control to make it walk this way or that, or to change tack at any moment if required. Your faithful walker mount obeys your every command.
Gem Cutter 1 1 Heart of the Sea Obtainable during Liquid Black Quest for cutting your first Heart of the Sea You cut your first gem - and it bears your own name! Now that would be a nice gift! This does not make it a "true" Heart of the Sea, however...
Ghost Sailor 1 1 Ghost Captain Obtainable by finishing 1 journey in A Pirate's Death to Me. You have sailed the nether seas with the Ghost Captain. Despite the perils, you and your fellow crewmen have braved the challenge.
Ghostwhisperer 1 3 Ghost, Ghost of a Priest, A Wandering Soul, Tylaf, A Restless Soul, A Dwarven Ghost Obtainable by talking to Ghost of a Priest in the 4th mission of the Wrath of the Emperor Quest, finishing Blood Brothers Quest up to mission 5, Ice Islands Quest until mission Formorgar Mines 1 and maybe exchange one for Kissing a Pig Quest until mission 5. You don't hunt them, you talk to them. You know that ghosts might keep secrets that have been long lost among the living, and you're skilled at talking them into revealing them to you.
Glooth Engineer 2 5 Outfits, Glooth Engineer Outfits Obtained by getting the Glooth Engineer Outfits with both addons. Though you might have averted a dire threat for Rathleton, this relative peace may only hold for a while. At least you've scavenged an outfit from some of the poor fellows that have fallen prey to death priest Shagron.
Gnome Friend 1 2 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Gnomes, Gnomebase Alpha Obtainable by advancing to rank II in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. The gnomes are warming up to you. One or two of them might actually bother to remember your name. You're allowed to access their gnomebase alpha. You are prepared to boldly put your big feet into areas few humans have walked before.
Gnome Little Helper 1 1 Gnomes, Bigfoot's Burden Quest Obtainable by advancing to rank I in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. You think the gnomes start to like you. A little step for a Bigfoot but a big step for humanity.
Gnomebane's Bane 1 2 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Warzone 2, Gnomevil Obtained after opening the treasure chest of Gnomevil for the first time after slaying him. The fallen gnome is dead and justice served. But what was it that the gnome whispered with his last breath? He's your father???
Gnomelike 1 3 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Gnomes Obtainable by reaching rank III of Bigfoot's Burden Quest. You have become a household name in gnomish society! Your name is mentioned by gnomes more than once. Of course usually by gnomish mothers whose children refuse to eat their mushroom soup, but you are certainly making some tremendous progress.
Gnomish Art Of War 1 3 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Gnomes, Warzones Gaining permanent access to the warzones in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. You have unleashed your inner gnome and slain some of the most fearsome threats that gnomekind has ever faced. Now you can come and go to the warzones as it pleases you. The enemies of gnomekind will never be safe again.
Go with da Lava Flow 1 1 Jaccus Maxxen, Captain Caveworm, Lava Obtained by completing the Into the Fire mission during the Hero of Rathleton Quest. You escaped the glowing hot lava death trap, Professor Maxxen has set for you - Captain Caveworm is indeed proud!
Godslayer 2 4 Wrath of the Emperor Quest Obtainable by finishing the Wrath of the Emperor Quest. You have defeated the Snake God's incarnations and, with a final powerful swing of the snake sceptre, cut off his life force supply. The story of power, deceit and corruption has come to an end - or... not?
Gold Digger 2 4 Scarab Coin, Ankrahmun Desert Obtainable by digging up 100 scarab coins in the desert. There's a chance to dig up a scarab coin or scarab in Ankrahmun desert.
For a map of exact digging squares view the Mapper near Ankrahmun and enable "high-resolution images" - grey dots usually indicate a scarab location. There is a 60 minute cooldown on each digging square.

See also: Scarab Coin/Statistics

Hidden treasures below the sand dunes of the desert - you have a nose for finding them and you know where to dig. They might not make you filthy rich, but they're shiny and pretty anyhow.
Golden Sands 1 3 Scorpion Sceptre, Sandstone Scorpion, King Scorpion Obtained by taming a Sandstone Scorpion. Counting ten thousand grains of sand could not have been harder than gaining this impressive mount.
Goldhunter 1 2 Mini World Changes, Bag with Stolen Gold, Bank Obtained by returning 5 Bags with Stolen Gold in total when the Bank Robbery Mini World Change is active. If it wasn't for you, several banks in Tibia would've gotten bankrupt by now. Keep on chasing bank robbers and no one will have to worry about the Tibian economy!
Golem in the Gears 2 4 Telas Obtainable by completing Shadows of Yalahar Quest. You're an aspiring mago-mechanic. Science and magic work well together in your eyes - and even though you probably delivered countless wrong charges while working for Telas, you might just have enough knowledge to build your own golem now.
Goo Goo Dancer 1 1 Muck Remover, Mucus Plug Obtainable by using 100 Muck Removers on Mucus Plugs. Seeing a mucus plug makes your heart dance and you can't resist to see what it hides. Goo goo away!
Gravedigger (Achievement) 1 3 Omrabas, Drefia Obtained by finishing The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest. Assisting Omrabas' sick plan to resurrect made you dig your way through the blood-soaked halls of Drefia. Maybe better he failed!
Green Thumb 2 4 Flower Pot, Seeds Obtainable by growing 100 fully developed flowers in Flower Pots. Tip: you can reuse pots by letting the flower in it wither to then finally water it again. The flower will return to stage 2 and can then be grown to stage 3 again. If someone gives you seeds, you usually grow a beautiful plant from it within a few days. You like your house green and decorated with flowers. Probably you also talk to them.
Greenhorn 1 2 Greenhorn Arena Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Arena Quest in the Greenhorn difficulty. You wiped out Orcus the Cruel in the Arena of Svargrond. You're still a bit green behind the ears, but there's some great potential.
Grinding Again 1 1 Bigfoot's Burden Quest, Whetstone Obtainable by completing the grindstone mission of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Burnt fingers and itching lungs are a small price for bringing those gnomes some lousy stone and getting almost killed! Your mother warned you to better become a farmer.
Guard Killer 1 2 Hive Obtainable through repeating Kollos Killing task 10 times You have proven that you can beat the best of the hive. You have caused first promising breaches in the defence of the hive
Guardian Downfall 2 4 Deeplings, Deepling Guard Obtainable for killing 300 Deepling Guards. You ended the life of over three hundred Deepling Guards. Not quite the guardian of the Deeplings, are you?
Guinea Pig 1 2 Spectulus, Sinclair, Spirit Cage Obtainable by making Research and Development Quest mission 2. True scientists know their equipment. Testing new inventions is essential daily work for any hard working researcher. You showed no fear and took all the new equipment from Spectulus and Sinclair for a spin.
Happy Farmer 1 1 Scythe, Wheat, Bunch of Wheat Obtainable by cutting down 200 wheat with a Scythe or Squeezing Gear of Girlpower. Scythe swung over your shoulder, sun burning down on your back - you are a farmer at heart and love working in the fields. Or then again maybe you just create fancy crop circles to scare your fellow men.
Hat Hunter 2 5 Ferumbras, Ferumbras' Hat Complete the Ferumbras' Ascension Quest. You sucessfully fought against all odds to protect your world from an ascending god! – You weren't there for the hat only after all?
Headache 1 2 Hive Obtainable through repeating Destroy The Hive Crystals task 10 times. Even in the deepest structures of the hive, you began to strike against the mighty foe. Your actions probably already gave the hive a headache.
Heartbreaker 1 1 Marriage While married, say marriage to one of the Marriage Officiant NPCs and tell them that your heart belongs to someone other than your marriage partner five times. Trust? Love? Faithfulness? Pah! Antiquated sentiments. As long as you have fun, you do not mind stepping on lots of hearts. Preferably while wearing combat boots.
Heartburn 1 3 Hive Obtainable through repeating Disrupt The Hives Digestion task 50 times Never-tiring, you attack the inner organs of the mighty hive. Your attacks on the hive's digestion system begin to cause some trouble.
Herbicide 3 8 Demon Oak, Hallowed Axe Obtainable by completing The Demon Oak Quest. You're one of the brave heroes to face and defeat the mysterious demon oak and all the critters it threw in your face. Wielding your blessed axe no tree dares stand in your way - demonic or not.
Here, Fishy Fishy! 1 1 Fish, Fishing Rod Obtainable by fishing 1000 Fish. Note: Ice Fishing doesn't count. Ah, the smell of the sea! Standing at the shore and casting a line is one of your favourite activities. For you, fishing is relaxing - and at the same time, providing easy food. Perfect!
Hickup 1 2 Hive Obtainable through repeating Disrupt The Hives Digestion task 10 times. You have grown accustomed to frequenting the hive's stomach system. Your actions have caused the hive some first digestion problems.
Hidden Powers 1 2 Helmet of the Ancients Obtainable by charging a Helmet of the Ancients with a small ruby. You've discovered the Ancients' hidden powers - from now on, they will aid you in your adventures.
High-Flyer 2 4 Travelling, Magic Carpet Obtainable by travelling by Magic Carpet 1000 times.
Tip: Edron - Darashia is the cheapest route: 40 gp per trip (30 gp if you have done the Postman Quest).
The breeze in your hair, your fingers clutching the rim of your carpet - that's how you like to travel. Faster! Higher! And a looping every now and then.
High Inquisitor 2 5 Henricus Obtainable by finishing The Inquisition Quest. You're the one who poses the questions around here, and you know how to get the answers you want to hear. Besides, you're a famous exorcist and slay a few vampires and demons here and there. You and your stake are a perfect team.
His Days are Counted 1 1 Dangerous Depths Quest Obtainable by defeating The Count Of The Core in the Dangerous Depths Quest. You defeated the Count of the Core and destroyed his lava pump!
His True Face 1 3 Armenius, Julius There's a small chance of getting this achievement while talking to Armenius during - and possibly after completing - mission 3 of the Blood Brothers Quest case he teleports you to his basement.