A destroyed building just east of the Plains of Havoc Temple, here. It is said to be situated over the Chamber of Dreams and Hugo's Prison. The Nightmare Knights founded a base here, but it was later destroyed when the Ruthless Seven surfaced. Some Skeletons and Ghouls spawn in the basement here. Now at least most of the dungeons below the surface are accessible, but there are still some secrets that might still be sealed. The building also serves as an entry way to the Dream Challenge.

There are two blackboards with worn out messages in the ground floor of the monastery:

You read: F.. king an. coun.ry 
w... honor ... vir... 
we will ..otec. th.. pla... 
.. tha. HE ... .ever ret...
You read: Fort... o. th. N.....are ..igh..

This message reads as:

You read: For king and country 
with honor and virtue 
we will protect this place
so that HE can never return
You read: Fortress of the Nightmare Knights

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